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Cement trader shot dead in Aligarh

Cement trader Sandeep Gupta has been shot dead in Aligarh. Sandeep Gupta, a cement trader from Aliganj in Ita, was killed on his way to a meeting. At around 8.30 pm, Sandeep Gupta left for a meeting with Shashank Nigam, Logistics Incharge, Ultratech Cement. There were three people in the car. Trader Sandeep Gupta, Ultratech Cement’s logistics in-charge Shashank Nigam and the driver stopped the vehicle on the way and asked the driver to bring a drink.

The driver got out of the car and went to fetch the drink. Then two miscreants coming from behind shot at Sandeep Gupta. After this incident in the crowded market, excitement spread in the whole area. Upon hearing the news, the police rushed to the spot and rushed the businessman Sandeep Gupta to the hospital, where doctors declared him dead.

After this shocking incident in Aligarh, multiple teams were formed to catch the accused, and the top officials reached the spot. DIG Deepak Kumar told ABP News that businessman Sandeep Gupta had reached Aligarh from Etar Aliganj on the basis of his business. Sandeep Gupta also met him around 7.30 pm.

Businessman Sandeep Gupta met the DIG at around 7.30 pm. After staying in the DIG’s office for a while, he reached his office and left for another meeting with Shashank Nigam, the logistics in-charge. Then on the way he asked the driver to bring the drink and the driver got out of the car and brought the drink. The miscreants shot at Sandeep Gupta.

Aligarh police have started investigation into the murder. According to the investigation, Sandeep Gupta came to Aligarh in the afternoon. He was accompanied by two of his gunmen, one a government gunman and one a private gunman. In the afternoon they had some business meetings. After that he has to meet the DIG. After meeting the DIG, he went back to his office, from where he had to proceed. When he left the office in the evening, there was no security in his car. The two gunmen were in his other car and Sandeep Gupta was in his Fortuner with the driver and logistics in-charge of Ultratech Cement. The car in which the gunmen were present drove forward.

According to DIG Deepak Kumar, the investigation so far has revealed that businessman Sandeep Gupta had married the daughter of one of his acquaintances in Aligarh. Police believe that the people of the girl’s father-in-law’s house have killed her somewhere, that is why they are interrogating the girl’s father-in-law in custody and searching for her husband.

Police believe that there may be someone close behind the murder of businessman Sandeep Gupta. Police suspect that Sandeep Gupta’s plan to come to Aligarh was not fixed beforehand. He came here suddenly. Now all those who knew Sandeep Gupta was in Aligarh are under police suspicion.

Police suspect that there was a close associate behind the murder, who knew that businessman Sandeep Gupta was present in Aligarh and that Sandeep Gupta was attacked on his information. Police are currently investigating the whole murder from all sides and the police claim that this sensational murder case will be solved soon.

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