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Chandigarh is the happiest city of India, occupied at number 5 in the whole world, know what is the status of your city

Happiest City in India: 5 cities in India are included in the list of happiest cities in the world. This was revealed in a recent survey. Chandigarh is the happiest city in India. We are going to tell whether your city is included in this list or not.

New Delhi. It is everyone’s dream to live life in a wonderful city by living in a nice place. In such a situation, it becomes necessary to know how the people and environment of the city we are living in. For this, an online survey website has surveyed the world. According to this survey, Chandigarh has been described as the happiest city in India. In this new survey, 20 cities of the world have been selected.

5 happiest cities in India

Online Mortgage Advisor of the United Kingdom (UK) has studied cities all over the world. A total of 5 cities of India have been selected in this study. Chandigarh, Surat and Mumbai have been included in these five cities. Actually, Chandigarh city of India has got the fifth place on studying the cities of the whole world. Chandigarh comes at number five in the whole world in terms of buying a house and a happy life. Also, Chandigarh tops the list of five cities in India. Whereas Mumbai is at number five.

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happiest city in the world

According to this survey, Barcelona was the best city in Spain to buy a house. Barcelona ranked first out of the 20 happiest cities in the world. After this, Italy’s Florence city was at number two and Ulsan city of South Korea was at number three. Chandigarh city of India is occupied at number five. Five cities of India have got a place in this list of global cities. After this, Jaipur made the 10th place of this list. Chennai was also the 13th city in this list. Indore of Madhya Pradesh was also included in this list. Indore was included at number 17. Apart from this, Lucknow got 20th place in this list. Mumbai was the least happy city in the world in terms of home purchases.

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Cities were selected on this basis

In the month of August this year, the cities were selected based on thousands of geotagging Instagram posts from around the world by Online Mortgage Advisor of the United Kingdom (UK). Through the post of Instagram, it was tried to find out how happy people buying a new home are compared to normal people. After making complete preparations for this study, the photos were divided into two groups. According to these posts, a case was posted with #selfi. Apart from this, another set of photos was posted on Instagram with #newhomeowner. Both these types of posts were scored using the Microsoft Azure facial recognition tool. Based on this score, the result of the happiest countries of the world has been drawn.

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