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Chirag Paswan’s big complaint against Mama is that there was a conspiracy against me due to illness, now this fight will continue for a long time.

Chirag Paswan said that I became an orphan not after my father’s death but after my uncle’s betrayal. He (Pashupati Pars) has no right to convene a national executive meeting. This is a long legal battle that will continue.

New Delhi: Ram Bilas Paswan’s party LJP continues to fight for rights. On one side is Ram Bilas Paswan’s son Chirag Paswan, on the other side is brother Pashupati Kumar Paras. Chirag Paswan appeared before reporters for the first time today after his uncle’s revolt in the LJP. He said the party had never compromised on policy. At the press conference, Chirag sharply targeted Kaka Pashupati Kumar Paras.

Uncle cheated: Chirag Paswan

Chirag Paswan said, ‘I am still the president of the party. The team structure allows me to do that. Those who are demanding my removal know nothing about the constitution of the party. I became an orphan not after my father’s death but after my uncle cheated on me. He (Pashupati Parsa) has no right to convene a national executive meeting. It is a protracted legal battle that will continue.

‘… to make uncle the leader of the parliamentary party’

Chirag said there were reports in several places that I had been removed from the post of national president of the party. The constitution of the Lok Janshakti Party says that the post of party president can be vacant in only two cases, the national president dies or the national president resigns. I am still the president of the team. He further said that according to the party constitution only the parliamentary party and the national president himself can choose the leader of the parliamentary party, if the uncle had asked he would have been made the leader of the parliamentary party. If it is a matter of the national president, then according to the constitution he is still the president.

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There was a conspiracy during my illness: Chirag

Chirag said that I was elected with the full support of my team. Some people were not ready to go on the path of struggle. My uncle himself did not play any role in the election campaign. Many more MPs from my party were busy with their personal elections. It saddens me that when I was sick, the whole conspiracy fell behind me. I have tried endlessly to contact Mama after the election, to talk to her.

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Allegations of breaking up the party against JDU

Chirag said that even after my father Ram Bilas Paswan survived, there was an attempt to break up the party. We did not compromise with our policies and decided to contest the elections alone in Bihar. “I always wanted to keep the family and the party together,” he said. The LJP cannot win a single seat in Bihar, but we have got a huge number of votes and the support of the people. We got 24 lakh votes. Our vote has increased.

Chirag Paswan said that during, before and after the Bihar elections, some people and especially the Janata Dal United (JDU) were trying to break up our party.


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