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Chirag Paswan’s rebellious cousin Prince Raj faces problems, accuses girl of rape

A woman has lodged a sexual harassment complaint against Prince Raj, an LJP MP from Samastipur in Bihar, at the Connaught Place police station.

New Delhi: Chirag Paswan’s cousin Prince Raj’s troubles have escalated amid ongoing political squabbles in the Lok Janshakti Party (LJP). A woman has lodged a sexual harassment complaint against Yuvraj, an LJP MP from Samastipur in Bihar, at Delhi’s Const Place police station.

An FIR has not yet been registered against Yuvraj

According to a report on Zee News’ English website, Delhi Police sources said they have received a complaint and an investigation is underway. According to sources, no FIR has been registered in this regard. Let us tell you that Prince Ram Chandra Paswan’s son, Ram Bilas Paswan’s brother. After the death of Ramchandra Paswan, Prince won from Samastipur Lok Sabha seat.

Yuvraj rebels against Chirag Paswan

Yuvraj Raj was very close to his cousin Chirag Paswan, but at the moment he has turned against him and rebelled against Pashupati Kumar Pars. During the Lok Sabha elections, Chirag supported the prince and after winning the election, the prince was also made the president of the Bihar state LJP.

The Lok Janshakti Party is divided into two factions

Chirag, who took charge of the LJP after the death of his father Ram Bilas Paswan in 2020, is now seen splitting from the party. Disgruntled LJP MPs include Pashupati Kumar Paras, Yuvraj Raj, Chandan Singh, Veena Devi and Mehboob Ali Kaiser, who are dissatisfied with the way Chirag is working. The LJP is divided into two factions led by Chirag Paswan and Pashupati Kumar Paras. The party’s national executive meeting demanded the expulsion of five disgruntled MPs, but the party led by Pashupati Parsa removed Chirag Paswan from the post of party president.

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