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Court orders MHA to hand over documents provided by former chief minister Devendra Fadnavis to Mumbai police

Allegations of corruption in transfer-posting: How did confidential documents related to alleged corruption come out in the transfer-posting of senior IPS officers in Maharashtra? How did these documents and phone recordings get to Devendra Farnabis, former Chief Minister of the state and Leader of the Opposition? Mumbai Police is investigating the matter. The court, while ruling in favor of the Mumbai Police, asked the Central Home Department (MHA) to hand over the case documents and a 6GB pen drive to the Mumbai Police Cyber ​​Cell within 10 days.

We tell you that Devendra Farnabis, during press conferences in Mumbai and Delhi, said that there was corruption in the transfer of IPS officers in the Maharashtra Maha Bikash Aghadi (MVA) government. Farnabis showed some documents during the press conference and also showed a pendrive, then he said that this pendrive contains all the alleged call recordings, which shows how corruption is going on in transfer-posting).

Farnabis has submitted documents to the MHA for investigation

Farnabis said SID had prepared call recordings and documents on the pen drive. Even after this the government is not taking any action. For this reason, he is handing over these documents to the Union Home Ministry (MHA) for investigation.

The MVA government has ordered an inquiry into the matter.

Following the case, the Maha Bikash Aghadi (MVA) government ordered an investigation into how such confidential documents could be passed from the SID office to someone else. Since then, the Mumbai Police Cyber ​​Cell has registered a case and launched an investigation. During the investigation, Mumbai Cyber ​​Cell also recorded Rashmi Shukla’s statement, as Shukla was the head of SID when these documents were created.

Farnabis called for questioning, did not come

In the case, Mumbai Cyber ​​Cell called Devendra Farnabis four times for questioning but he did not come, asking for time. In the case, the Mumbai Police Cyber ​​Cell demanded pendrives and documents from the Union Home Ministry, which Farnabis handed over to the Home Ministry, but did not receive any help from the Cyber ​​Cell. The Union Home Ministry, after which the cyber cell goes to court.

Submit documents to cyber cell within 10 days – court

In court, the cyber cell said they needed the documents from the Union Home Ministry so they could proceed with their investigation. During the hearing, the court directed the Union Home Ministry to hand over the documents and 6 GB pen drive to Cyber ​​Cell. The documents were asked to be handed over to the cyber cell within 10 days.

People associated with MVA have leaked documents: Farnabis

At the same time, Devendra Farnabis had said in the Assembly on Monday that the information he had received as the Leader of the Opposition had been passed on to the Union Home Ministry for investigation. It further added that the confidential information had not been leaked to anyone else because the leaked documents had been leaked by people associated with Maha Bikash Aghadi (MVA), which they could provide evidence.

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