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Dharma Sangsad: Pakistan seeks ‘opportunity’ in controversial Sangsad statement, Indian High Commission chief summoned

Religion Parliament of Pakistan: The bigoted and irrational statements of religious personalities create diplomatic problems for India. At the same time, neighboring countries like Pakistan also provide propaganda material. In the guise of some speeches in the Dharma Sangsad held at Haridwar on 17-20 December, Pakistan tried to shoot a similar arrow by summoning the head of the Indian High Commission.

Not only that, in order to give importance to this issue, the Pakistani government has also requested the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) and the international community to take note of these statements. Such statements are anti-human rights and anti-minority. However, it is another matter that the situation of the rights of minorities in Pakistan’s own backyard is so alarming that the process of their migration has continued for the last few decades.

Pakistan demands action

Pakistan has summoned M Suresh Kumar, head of the Indian High Commission in Islamabad, and filed a complaint on the pretext of some controversial remarks made in the Dharma Parliament. He also demanded that India investigate the matter and take action.

Significantly, a case has been filed on the basis of statements made by Prabodhananda Giri and a few others during the Dharma Sangsad. Taking into account the controversial statement, Haridwar police has registered a case of spreading hostility on the basis of the allegations filed in the case. However, no arrests have been made so far.

Cases of forced marriage of Hindu girls have been registered in Pakistan

At the same time, many cases of forced marriages and conversions of Hindu girls have been recorded inside Pakistan in the past. In August 2021, sabotage also took place in a Hindu settlement in a Hindu temple in Rahim Yar Khan area. Later, on the direction of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, the police registered a case and took action.

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