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DNA Analysis: Learn Corona’s Lessons from G-News Editor-in-Chief Sudhir Chowdhury

Coronavirus: You must have been sick many times in your life, many times you have runny nose, cold, fever or many people have got a big disease because of it. Lots of people can have surgery and then we get out of it and slowly forget it but I think those who have been affected by covidosis will never forget that episode for the rest of their lives.

New Delhi: Today, June 14th, I am with you in DNA after 2 full days i.e. 6448 hours and I want to share a lot with you.

We always work for a better tomorrow, but instead of enjoying after tomorrow arrives, we think better of tomorrow again, do better today

Life today, now and at this time

That is, we always say that we will improve tomorrow and make tomorrow better, we will forget our today, but if the same tomorrow happens to us today, then we start thinking about the next day again and I can never live. Not in today. That is, we always forget our tomorrow. But the coronavirus has taught us that life is today, now and in this time.

On May 1st, when I told you at the end of the DNA that we would meet you tomorrow at 9pm, I had no idea what would happen tomorrow. Often when we plan for the present future, it is not possible to predict and it is the same for everyone because no one knows what we are going to do tomorrow and what will happen tomorrow, yet we plan.

On May 18, when my health deteriorated for the first time and corona symptoms appeared on my body, I was still thinking of doing DNA. I was tested for corona and I expected the report to come back negative because I was taking care of myself and received two doses of the vaccine, but my report came back positive and I was hospitalized for 12 days. These 12 days were like a clock. As time went on and time was running out, so did my anxiety. This time I felt a lot of things.

The first of these was pain, through which every patient with corona and his close relatives and friends were wandering.

There have been two waves of corona virus in India and so far 29.5 million people have been infected with these two waves.

On average there are 10 people in each person’s life who are directly affected by related events.

That is, according to this, about 30 million people in India were affected by the epidemic, but 300 million people were affected by the epidemic.

Similarly, both waves of the virus have so far killed 300,000 people, 74,000 people, and when a person dies from corona, a maximum of 20 people attend his funeral. According to it, less than 4 lakh deaths due to corona have been reported, but about 5 lakh people have gone through this pain directly.

The epidemic directly affects millions of people

This means that the epidemic has directly affected billions of people and now I have joined these people as well. When I was admitted to the Covid ward of the hospital for 12 days, I felt like the death cycle was going on outside the ward and anyone’s name could come up at any time. There were many times when there was unrest in the hospital at night and the mind began to panic.

In this environment, it was not easy for me to take care of myself and any of the patients admitted there. It seemed that death was watching us all the time and at any moment it would come and take us away. There were many people who came to the hospital from home but did not return alive. It was the hardest time. Although there were some people in this difficult time who tried their best to save us.

These people are the doctors and nursing staff of the hospital. During this coronary period, when people are locked in their homes and trying to protect themselves and their loved ones from the virus, hospital doctors and nursing staff are working between Covey and I realized this while I was in the hospital. Doctors used to come to the PPE kit to see Corona patients and I could not see them, but they were taking care of us.

There are a total of 69,000 public and private hospitals in India and 12 lakh doctors work in these hospitals and in this epidemic these doctors are fighting against the enemy of Corona like a soldier. At this time, many doctors also got corona, many doctors also lost their lives due to it, but no doctor forgot his responsibility for fear of this death. Even today these doctors and health workers are fighting to defeat Corona.

Who is involved with our minds?

Millions of people like me and I have learned one more thing from this disease. With this epidemic, it became clear who was connected to our minds.

You must have been sick many times in your life, many times you have runny nose, runny nose, fever or many people have got big diseases due to it. A lot of people can have surgery and then we can get out of it and forget about it slowly, but I think those who have been infected with covidosis will never forget this episode for the rest of their lives and their families.

Covid before and Covid after

So this is a new chapter and you can divide your life into two accordingly. Pre-covid and post-covid means before covid and after covid. Today I am also starting that chapter of my life which is the post-coded chapter.

When you start the next chapter of Kovid, a lot of your ideology changes, a lot of your thinking changes. It gives so many lessons during this period of ten-fifteen days or one month, which enriches your experience so much that you now get the benefit of it throughout your life and that is what I am telling you today.

Not that I got sick the first time or people got sick the first time. Even before this, these people went to the hospital for treatment, even though your acquaintances used to come to see you with flowers and fruits. Gate Well used to send gold cards.

However, this is not possible in this disease. People can’t even go to see the patient with flowers, cards and fruits. The disease taught me in situations where the mind was connected to us when I was infected with Corona, I had some people who wanted to help me despite the danger and there was no selfishness or any formality behind them.

In fact it was the connection of the mind. In today’s age when there is a huge demand for organic vegetables and fruits, the importance of organic relationships also taught us the corona virus. It showed us what it means to have genuine feelings for one another in a relationship.

People who did not prioritize health, did not understand the importance of discipline and did not take mental health seriously before this epidemic, now understand its importance and this change has come to millions of people like me.

The story I am telling you today is not just my story, it is the story of billions of people like me, who went to the hospital, who served their hospitalized people, and many of them lost loved ones.

In Hinduism it is said that human life is fleeting. This means that it ends in a few moments, but it is also true that these few moments are in the hands of man, how he wants to live them. For the first time in 27 years of my career, I was away from my job for 27 days. However, at this time I was going up and down the sun 27 times. I’ve never had time for this before. It further showed that solitude has a lot of power.

When the world’s first bicycle was made in 1817, it did not have brakes, yet people considered it a revolutionary invention and the use of bicycles increased greatly in European countries, but in the absence of brakes, these bicycles began to cause accidents and The risk of running is further increased. However, many decades later, people began to realize the importance of brakes and the option of brakes began to get in the cycle.

Bicycles with brakes then give people the message that the handle and brakes of life should be in your hands and the brakes are not always bad. Sometimes breaks give form to a new beginning and I am starting the same today.


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