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DNA Analysis: Why do heart attacks occur even after being fit? Take care of the heart in this way

Danish footballer Christian Eriksen fainted in the middle of a match for the European Football Championship. Then someone thought he might have a heart attack. Christian Erickson is only 29 years old. He has been playing for the Danish national football team for 11 years.

New Delhi: Today we want to share with you a piece of news that contains both anxiety and learning secrets. A football match was played in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, about a thousand kilometers away from Delhi. The match was played on 12 June between Denmark and Finland.

Christian Erikson disappointed in the middle of the game

During the match for the European Football Championship, Danish footballer Christian Eriksen fainted in the middle of the game. At the time, no one thought he could have a heart attack, but now doctors have confirmed it.

– Christian Erickson is only 29 years old. He has played for the Danish national football team for 11 years and has played 109 matches for her so far.

His role in the team is that of an attacking midfielder, a player who breaks the opposing team’s defensive order and brings football to the striker.

In other words, in such a role, a player needs to be mentally strong as well as fit.

What is the measure of fit?

Looking at Christian Erickson’s picture before the match, no one could have guessed that he would have a heart attack on the field a few hours later. But it happened and this incident made one wonder who is above all fit? And what is the measure of fit?

Imagine that a player is perfectly healthy, playing for his team in a big match and playing in the match for a while. Then suddenly he had a heart attack and he fainted.

This sentence is certainly horrible and because of this we are also forced to wonder who is most appropriate?

Footballers are considered the best

Footballers are considered the most fit all over the world and there are many reasons for this. You can understand this with some statistics-

In a basketball match, a player runs an average of 4.3737 km

In an American football match, a player runs an average of 2.01 km.

In a tennis match, a player runs an average of 3.622 km, but in a football match, a player runs an average of 11 to 15 km.

The point here is that the record for most runs in a 90-minute match at the European Football Championship is held by Danish footballer Christian Erickson.

He played 786.186 matches. Has set a record for running kilometers. Accordingly, he ran 13.031 km in 90 minutes.

… so The risk of heart attack has been reduced by up to 30 percent

The WHO says that running for 75 minutes every day reduces the risk of heart attack by 30 percent and does not cause any blockage in the coronary arteries of the heart. The coronary artery is the artery that works to supply blood to the heart, and when a speed breaker enters the artery, the function of the heart is affected.

The bottom line is that a footballer is not just a player, he is the most fit player. In this case, the player who suffered the heart attack was considered the fittest player on the team and has many records to his name.

Ericsson will never get on the football field …

In this case, the world’s largest cardiologist believes that now Christian Erickson will never be able to play on the football field. In addition, there are reports that he may be out of the famous Italian football club Inter Milan.

In 1982, a law was introduced in Italy, under which if a player has heart disease or fails screening, he or she cannot participate in any sport.

When the law came to Italy, there were many sporting events in its previous years, where players had heart attacks and they died. Since then, there have been rules for checking the heart of the game, and the important thing is that the Danish player who had a heart attack during the game passed all these tests before.

Under such circumstances, it is important for you to understand how to take care of your heart today.

Take care of your heart this way

For this, you must first understand that being incompetent is not the only cause of heart attack. According to many studies, the right person can have many causes of heart attack. However, taking care of your fitness can reduce the chances of it.

Most of the deaths due to heart attacks in India are in the age group of 30 to 50 years. That’s why experts say that people of different ages should take care of their heart in different ways.

The heart is the strongest from childhood to the age of 20. The more you play at this age, the more you will jump. As good as your heart health will be, people of this age can also make their heart healthy through cycling and exercise.

People between the ages of 20 and 30 need to ride bicycles, swim and run. You can still practice all this after the age of 30.

If you start these exercises after the age of 35 or 40, you should not run and cycle, take brisk walks in the morning and evening and also do light exercises in the gym.

You should invest the most in your health when you are 21 to 40 years old. Like a fixed bank deposit, this investment will give you a good return in old age and you will stay healthy in old age.

You should not exercise too much to keep yourself healthy, you need to exercise regularly and eat healthy food. Although the people of India do not take it seriously.

1 lakh lakh people die every year

According to the Indian Heart Association, 1 lakh people die of heart disease in India every year. Of these, 50% of heart attacks occur in people under the age of 50, but 25% are under the age of 40. According to a statistic, by 2030, 25 million people will die every year in India due to heart disease. Imagine this number reaching two and a half crores.

Last year, a study was conducted in cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad, according to which 4% of the people living here are at risk of heart disease and the biggest reason behind this is wrong lifestyle.

Experts believe that bad habits such as smoking and drinking are responsible for more than 90% of heart disease.

Even those who sit on a television, mobile phone or computer screen for more than 4 hours a day have an 80 percent increased risk of heart disease.

According to a study conducted in Canada, those who eat junk food, high salt and high fat foods have a 35 percent increased risk of heart disease.

Heart Monitoring required

If you want your heart to support you all your life, you must also swear in your heart that you will take care of your heart all your life. For this, we tell you a few tests that you can use to monitor your heart.

First, you can have your Rosa Lipid profile tested. It can determine the level of cholesterol in your body and it is directly related to the health of your heart.

The most common test for heart health is an electrocardiogram, also known as an ECG. In the ECG, the heartbeat is seen as an electrical wave. And these waves are used to detect heart disease.

There is one more test – echocardiogram, you also know it as ECHO test. In it the high-frequency sound waves create an image of the valves and chambers of your heart and get an idea of ​​the functioning of your heart.

The treadmill is also used to check the heart. For this the patient has to walk or run on a treadmill. The effects of stress on your heart are recorded during physical activity.

These are the three basic tests. The information from these tests gives important information about your heart. If any problems are found in these tests, advance testing is required. After the age of 35 to 40, you must have all these tests done once a year. If you are suffering from obesity, your blood pressure is lower or lower than normal and your cholesterol level is also high, you can have your heart checked before the age of 30.

These players also have heart disease

Now we tell you the names of the five main players. The first of them was Mark-Vivian Fo, who was a member of the Cameroon football team.

In June 2003, when Cameroon and Colombia met in France and 722 hours had passed since the start of the match, he fell in the middle of the game and died. After this incident, it was found out that the cause of his death was heart disease.

Another player’s name was Antonio Puerta – he was a Spanish footballer. He made a cardiac arrest during the match and died at the hospital three days later. The great thing is that he was only 22 years old then.

The third player was Phil O’Donnell, a great professional footballer from Scotland. But in 2007, he died of a heart failure during a football match. Suddenly he fell to the ground while playing.

The fourth player, Cristiano Jr., was one of the most successful footballers in Brazil. In October 2004, when he was playing for Indian football club Dempore, his health deteriorated at the stadium. It is said that there was no doctor in the stadium at that time, due to which he did not get help and he died. It is understood that he was only 25 years old at that time.

And the fifth player, Chick Tiot, was part of Britain’s famous Newcastle United and was one of the biggest players in the China Football League. In 2017, he also suddenly fell to the ground during a regular training session, after which he was hospitalized but his life could not be saved.


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