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Hapur accident: Women were crossing the car overnight, clothes were found torn

Hapur Highway Accident: According to CO City Traffic, ‘The accident took place on a bridge built on the NH-9 highway in Babugarh. There is heavy traffic at night. The load must have fallen from the car. This is a very sad situation, passengers should fulfill their responsibilities in this case.

Hapur: Hapur, adjacent to Ghaziabad in western UP, has witnessed a heinous incident of shame for humanity. Here a woman died in an accident. People will get buzz bumps knowing what happened to this woman who got caught in an unknown car. Because after the accident, the woman’s body was lying on the highway, over which any vehicle could pass every minute, but no one bothered to stop.

Skeleton snatched from clothes found

It was too late when the police got the news. By the time police arrived on Monday, the flesh had disappeared from the body. The wheels of the vehicle scattered the woman’s flesh for many kilometers. Everyone who saw this scene, their souls trembled. Because instead of this woman’s body, only the skeleton wrapped around her clothes was found.

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People did not show sympathy

The accident happened on the highway near the intersection of Kuchesa Road. He himself fell on the highway due to serious injuries. Meanwhile, another car crushed him. Cars continue to pass over the corpses throughout the night. Police said the accident must have taken place between 11pm and 12pm.

According to a report published in India, police are now trying to identify him by collecting clues with the help of clothing. Police sent pieces of flesh and skeleton to the neighborhood for examination. At the same time, footage from the highway and the surrounding CCTV cameras are also being searched.

The police assured

According to CO City Traffic, ‘The accident took place on the NH-9 bridge in Babugarh. There is heavy traffic on the national highway at night. The woman must have fallen out of a car. Pedestrians should fulfill their responsibilities in such incidents. If the news of this accident had been received immediately, perhaps its life could have been saved. In such cases, you can fearlessly inform the police. They will never have any problem with the police.

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