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Hovercraft Boat: The ‘James Bond’ in the Sir Creek area that scares Pakistan on land

The Indian Coast Guard is responsible for maritime security as well as the country’s more than 7,500 km long coastline. The security of the Sir Creek area adjacent to Pakistan on the coastal border is also the biggest challenge. That’s why the Coast Guard has included special hovercraft in its fleet to protect secluded islands like Sir Creek. ABP News team arrived in the Sir Creek area to take security news from one such Coast Guard hovercraft.

The Coastguard’s special hovercraft can sail in the middle of the ocean, as well as on sandy shores. This special boat can also walk on wetlands. This hovercraft can also fire at the enemy, as this special hovercraft of the Indian Coast Guard is deployed to protect the Sir Creek area adjacent to Pakistan from sea surveillance. For special coverage of the operation of this hovercraft, ABP News team reached the port of Jakhao, built on the west side of the country. The Coast Guard’s hovercraft is stationed at this port in Gujarat, through which the ABP News team had to reach the Sir Creek area, a highly sensitive and inaccessible area adjacent to the Pakistan border.

What are hovercrafts and how do they work?

After all, what are these hovercrafts and how do they work at sea and on land? Before we get into that, let’s take a look at Sir Creek and IMBL, the international maritime boundary adjacent to Pakistan. The Sir Creek area is part of the Kutch Range in Gujarat and adjoining Pakistan. Because there is a river delta, the Sir Creek River meets the Arabian Sea, so small islands with wetlands have been created. The BSF, the Border Security Force, is responsible for the security of a large part of Sir Creek. But the responsibility of defending the Sir Creek area adjacent to the sea rests with the Indian Coast Guard, i.e. the Indian Coast Guard. A part of Sir Creek is located in Sindh province of Pakistan.

The security of Sir Creek area is important because Pakistan has its eye on this area. Pakistan claims the Sir Creek area as its own. Pakistan knows that this area cannot be conquered from India by war. In such a situation, he wants to get India in trouble through proxy war. Security became important to Sir Creek because it was a secluded island and had no residential area.

The terrorists who carried out the 26/11 terror attacks in Mumbai only entered India by sea with bots. There have been no terrorist attacks since then, but the threat from Pakistan has not abated. Intelligence reports continue to warn the Coastguard and the BSF about the intrusion of suspects. Empty Pakistani boats have also been found in the area under suspicious circumstances.

Suspicious Pakistani ships can be seen in these areas. Drug-terrorism has started from Pakistan. The Pakistani boats left with a consignment of drugs. In the last two years, the Coast Guard has seized drug shipments worth about Tk 15,000 crore in the Arabian Sea. Almost all the seized consignments reached the Arabian Sea adjacent to India by boat from the Makran coast of Balochistan, Pakistan. Most of these shipments were being smuggled to countries like India, Sri Lanka and Maldives. News of arms smuggling is also coming from this area.

Capt. Commandant Joyom Malik of the hovercraft from which the ABP News team reached the Sir Creek area said it was a highly efficient boat for ‘waters’ like Sir Creek. Because ordinary boats and ships could not reach the Sir Creek wetland island.

Why Hovercraft Special?

Seeing the sensitivity of the Sir Creek area, the ABP News team arrived here in a hovercraft with the Indian Coast Guard. We arrived here by hovercraft from Jakhao, the westernmost port of the country. Hovercraft, also known as ACV or air cushion vehicle, is an amphibious boat. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. It moves very fast in the sea. Hovercraft patrols the Arabian Sea, very close to the Jakhao port in Gujarat.

8-10 Marines can be deployed in hovercraft. Like any aircraft, it has a cockpit. A co-captain can also sit in the cockpit with the captain. The faster he ran into the sea, the faster he ran along the shore. The Indian Coast Guard currently has 18 such hovercrafts and is preparing to acquire 12 more.

Commandos deployed in hovercraft are ready to deal with any situation. Whether it’s heavy machine guns, hovercraft HMGs or modern rifles, commandos are always ready to attack the enemy. Commandos fired into the sea with HMG guns mounted on hovercraft, indicating that if a suspicious boat did not stop despite warnings, direct fire was instructed.

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