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India clarifies cost of biotech covacin in the face of criticism over expensive vaccine

Currently, Kovacin is being installed at a private hospital at Rs 1,410. It is the most expensive vaccine sold in a private hospital in India.

New Delhi: Vaccination is very important in the fight against corona. In such a situation, the central government is trying to vaccinate as many people as possible. Controversy has already erupted over the price of Kovacin in India Biotech. Faced with criticism for being the most expensive vaccine, India has clarified the cost of biotech covacin.

India Biotech has claimed that as per the government order, it is selling ten per cent of its total production to the private sector. Which is why he’s getting the average price of a vaccine for just 250 250. The agency made it clear that the government was buying 90 per cent of the shares at Rs 150 per vaccine, which is a very low price. In such a situation, the private sector cannot survive without selling expensive vaccines.

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Covacin costs in private hospitals

Let us know that Kovacin is currently being installed in a private hospital at a cost of Rs. It is the most expensive vaccine sold in a private hospital in India. But India Biotech has made it clear that from now on it will sell 25% of its vaccine stock to private companies.

India Biotech says that if 200 million doses of Kovacin are produced annually, it will require an area of ​​10,000 square meters. The company says the vaccine is based on activated virus technology. The strategy is highly complex, requiring a very sensitive BSL 3-level lab The company argued that this is why it has shared its formula with many companies, but so far no company has been able to develop this vaccine.

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Im the goal of SII in gestures

India Biotech further claimed that the same dose of vaccine made in another technology could be made in an area of ​​1500 sqm. India was referring to the Cove Shield of the Biotech Sriram Institute. India Biotech further said that they did not seek protection from the government in case of any side effects as they are sure that their vaccine is safe and they are ready to take responsibility for the side effects themselves. Here, too, the agency’s reference was to the Serum Institute, which is constantly seeking protection from the government in the event of an adverse reaction to the vaccine.

India Biotech has said this in cleanliness

India Biotech makes it clear with an example that the human papilloma virus vaccine is sold to the government for ২৫ 2,500, while its market price is ₹ 500 per dose. Similarly, rotavirus vaccine is sold to the Government of India at ₹ 60 per dose, while on the market it is available at Rs 1700 per dose.

India Biotech further said that if the criticism continues in the name of high prices, it will be very difficult to invent and manufacture its own vaccine in India. According to the agency, it has done 40 million doses so far.


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