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It is not good to go to Delhi with an old car! You may have to pay a fine of Rs 10,000

Delhi Scrap Policy: According to the order, ‘If any old car is seen moving on the road, it will be confiscated with a fine of Rs 10,000. These cars will only be available to their owners when they give an affidavit that the car will not run and will be scrapped.

New Delhi: If you are in Delhi-NCR and are unable to let go of the attraction of your first vehicle, be careful because this news is just for you. Being old here means 10 year old diesel or 15 year old petrol cars because now it will be expensive to drive on the streets of Delhi. The Delhi government will impose a fine of Rs 10,000 on the owners of these cars.

Traffic department alert

The Department of Transportation is also fully prepared for the mission that the government is ready to carry out. Speaking on road traffic warnings in Delhi, the transport department has announced that 10-year-old diesel and 15-year-old petrol variants will have to be scrapped soon, otherwise action will be taken against the owners of such vehicles, according to a report published in ABP.

According to the departmental order, ‘If the traffic police are seen driving such a vehicle on the road, the vehicle will be confiscated with a fine of Rs 10,000. Vehicle owners will only get the car back when they give an affidavit that the car will not run in the future and will be scrapped.

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The pace is slow in Delhi

The Delhi Transport Department has approved four companies to scrap the car. During the second wave of the Corona and before the lockdown pressed after the unlock process began, an average of about 600 cars would come in for scrap every month. The total capacity of the four agencies is to scrap 12 thousand vehicles. At the same time, according to the RTO, there are thousands of vehicles in the city on which the government’s decision has not yet been implemented. For this reason, the Delhi government is now seen in a strictly action mode.

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