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Kanpur raid: Two underground bunkers found at Piyush Jain’s house, eyewitnesses claim with DGGI team

Piyush Jain IT Raid: Piyush Jain, a perfume trader in Kanpur, is being targeted. Five companies in the country are searching the entire book of this businessman. But with that, the investigation is now looking at a few more businessmen whose operations are underway. Meanwhile, two underground bunkers were found in Piyush Jain’s house. An eyewitness present with the DGGI team conducting the operation claimed this. An eyewitness named Amit Dubey claimed that money was taken from two underground bunkers with great difficulty. He also claimed that the family had no information about the money.

What has happened so far in the Kanpur cash case?

  • 23 December– Raid on the house of perfume trader Piyush Jain in Kanpur
  • 24 December– The raid also started at Kanauj’s house
  • 25 DecemberCash and jewelery worth Tk 194 crore were recovered during the operation
  • 26 December– Piyush Jain was arrested late at night
  • 28 DecemberThe operation will be investigated by 5 central investigative agencies

Two more traders from Kanpur were targeted
People were surprised to see a bundle of notes at the house of perfume trader Piyush Jain in Kanpur that this time two more traders from Kanpur were targeted. DGGI i.e. Directorate General of GST Intelligence and Income Tax team raided the house of Ganpati Paribahan owner in Kanpur. Officers on the raid also took some important documents from there. At the same time, the DGGI team raided the house and office of Sunil Gupta, owner of Peacock Vegetables in Kanpur. Sunil Gupta’s house is in the Civil Lines area, opposite the office Green Park.

On the other hand, the puzzle found in the house of Piyush Jain, a businessman arrested in Kanauj, is getting complicated instead of being solved. Five major organizations in the country have joined the probe into the Piyush Jain case as the issue is not just about tax evasion or black money but has gone further. Apart from Tk 194 crore in cash, cases of gold smuggling are also being investigated.

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