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Man witty email to Paytm founder, ‘I can make trillion dollars’; Then

Funny Email To Paytm Founder: The person said that people do not have money in India and the one who has it does not give. Money is more important than friends and family.

New Delhi: A person emailed Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma to get funding. He shared his screenshot on Twitter from his official Twitter handle. In the email, the person wrote that I can earn a lot of money. Fund my startup.

The man studied fiercely for 8 months

The person wrote in the email, ‘I have studied more in 8 months than I did in 18 years in school. I have read in history Socrates, Aristotle, Buddha, Newton, Nikola Tesla, Swami Vivekananda and Leonardo da Vinci.’

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Man told two rules of his life

The person further wrote in the email that there are two rules in my life, focus and simplicity. Simplicity like earth started with one atom and number started with 1. Sir, I can earn a lot of money in business like textile, telecom, real estate, beer, alcohol, steel in trillion dollars.

Why did the person email the founder of Paytm?

He further wrote that in today’s time money is more important than air, water, friends and family. I think very differently. My goal is to open the No. 1 toy company in the world. I have mailed, called and messaged almost all the companies of India since 5 days, no one gives funding on Idea.

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The person wrote that suppose I have 1 trillion and if someone asks for 0.01 from me, I will give it easily. No one has money in India, the one who has it does not give it.

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