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Many important decisions have been taken in the NCORD meeting chaired by Home Minister Amit Shah, find out all here

Narco Coordination Center Meeting: The third meeting of the Narco Co-ordination Center was held on Monday under the chairmanship of Union Home Minister Amit Shah to curb drug menace across the country. In this meeting, the Union Home Minister has taken many important and big decisions. This includes the creation of an effective mechanism to counteract the effects of the dark net and cryptocurrency on the growing drug trade.

Apart from Union Home Minister Amit Shah, the meeting was also attended by Union Home Secretary Ajay Kumar Bhalla and several other senior officials including Intelligence Bureau Director Arvind Kumar. Many important decisions were taken in this meeting by discussing the use of drug trafficking and other parameters. It further states that a Dedicated Anti-Narcotics Task Force (ANTF) should be constituted under the DGPs of all the states, which will act as the Secretariat of the State NCORD.

Instructions for formation of Central NCORD Unit

At the national level, it was also directed to form a central NCORD unit under NCB. Narcotics training modules should be developed at the national level to train police, CAPF personnel, prosecutors and people in various civil departments.

To prevent the misuse of pre-dual-use chemicals, a permanent inter-ministerial committee will be formed, to be chaired by the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers and the NCB of the Ministry of Home Affairs, and a representative of the Department of Revenue, the Ministry. Funding must also be kept.

Prevents prescription drug abuse

It was decided to form a permanent inter-ministerial committee under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to look into the misuse of dual-use prescription drugs, to include the NCBs of the Ministry of Home Affairs in addition to the drug departments. And industry experts should also be formed.

Become a member of the Navy, Port Authority and Coast Guard

The meeting was told that drugs were also coming from the coastal states. Therefore, efforts should be made to include in these meetings, representatives of all coastal states and union territories, as well as members of the navy, port authorities and the Coast Guard, in order to take effective action in this regard. Containers arriving and departing at all ports, whether public or private, should be inspected under a prescribed procedure and equipment related to container scanners should be instructed to be inspected.

Special unit facilities should be provided

The decision to build a narco-canine pool at the national level was also directed by Union Home Minister Amit Shah. Formulate a policy in coordination with the Bureau of Narcotics Control and the National Security Guard, under which the state police should also be provided with a special unit facility as required.

The use of dark-net and cryptocurrency is increasing

An integrated NCORD portal should be set up at the central level, which will serve as an effective mechanism for information exchange between different organizations. An effective measure will be put in place to curb the growing use of dark-net and cryptocurrency in the drug trade.

The Union Home Minister said that the cultivation of illegal drugs by drones, satellites and other sources would be stopped. Besides, there should be a massive anti-drug awareness campaign. He also directed to set up drug free centers.

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