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Mumbai coroner vaccination scandal allegations, revealing fraud many days later

Vaccine scandal Mumbai: The last curtain of this scandal was removed after people got vaccination certificates in the name of various hospitals. Some received BMC center papers, while others were given certificates issued by Nanavati Hospital and Shivam Hospital.

MumbaiA scandal involving the Koran vaccine (Covid-19 vaccination scam) has surfaced in a large community in Mumbai. People were vaccinated against corona on May 30 at this society located in Kandivali. A total of Rs 1,260 was taken from each for the first dose of the vaccine. This vaccination campaign was organized by the committee of the society.

Who is behind this scandal?

Vaccine providers first reported that they came from Nightingale Ben Hospital. After a while those who came and asked the same question were told the name of Shivam Hospital. Victims say that after the injection, the names of those people were filled in an Excel sheet instead of the Coin app. Even then some people had doubts but they did not say anything in the name of society. Nowadays people are also worried that whatever they fill out will be imposed on them. Now people are saying that strict action should be taken against such people.

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All lies thus caught

The last curtain was removed from this scandal when people got vaccine certificates in the name of different hospitals. Some people were given certificates from Nanavati Hospital and Shivam Hospital when they received the paperwork of the vaccination center prepared by BMC.

When people inquired at Nanavati Hospital, it was learned that no such camp had been organized in their hospital. At the same time, people feel cheated by the fact that in such a large society after all the vaccinations and even one person did not have a fever or any other problem.

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