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MUMBAI: Cyber ​​cell police saved a young man’s life after he lost his job and attempted suicide.

Mumbai: Mumbai police cyber cell has saved the life of a 30-year-old man. This person is going to commit suicide, the information of which was shared by that person on Twitter. Cyber ​​cell DCP Rashmi Karandikar told ABP News that the man lost his job due to the lockdown and also owed Rs 37,000. Annoyed, he thought of committing suicide and tweeted his suicide note.

Attempted suicide due to job loss

Cyber ​​Cell DCP Rashmi Karandikar said that when the social media cell of Mumbai Police read the tweet and informed the cyber police about it, the cyber police immediately traced it through Twitter and took out the phone number. According to sources, he was a resident of Chandansar area of ​​Birar and his phone number was also found, then the team started explaining to him on the phone and with that the other party contacted the police of Virar and gave their address. Police arrived at his home and rescued him as the cyber cell team approached him. Later he also went for counseling.

The company is blacklisted

In a conversation with the police, he said that he worked for a company located in Andheri MIDC and withdrew Rs 37,000 from the company’s account for rent and other expenses. The company then suspended other incentives from the October paycheck. He further told the police that I have given the check to the company and they are going to submit it and if that happens then the check will bounce and they will file suit against me. Then I have to go to jail.

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Suicide is not the solution to any problem

According to the victim, he will return all the money to the company as soon as he gets the job. He has been blacklisted by the company, which is why he is not getting a job. I had no choice but to commit suicide. “This year, we have saved the lives of about 29 people who were upset for some reason and were preparing to commit suicide,” he said. He urged the people that suicide is not the solution to any problem and will not do so.

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