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Nagaland: Army investigation team to arrive in Nagaland today in connection with the murder of 14 villagers, will inspect the scene in Mon district

Nagaland: In the village of Otting in Nagaland, an Army investigation team will arrive at the scene today and inspect the incident of civilian deaths in security forces firing. According to media reports, the army investigation team will inspect the scene of the shooting death of 14 villagers as well as the Tijit police station in Som district. According to Kohima’s PRO, if anyone has any information, video or other information related to the incident, he can provide it to the army before the investigation.

Army investigation team will inspect the scene

Some local organizations in Nagaland have appealed to the army to come to the scene in civilian clothes and not to bring weapons with them. An army team investigating the bogus encounter in Nagaland will visit the same place in Mon district where para-SF commandos killed 14 villagers today. It is said that the team will come to the investigation they may try to meet some local people or even eyewitnesses. On Sunday, the army claimed that the investigation into the December 4 shooting in Som district was progressing rapidly. The army also expressed hope that the investigation would be completed soon. The army also assured that appropriate action would be taken in accordance with the law.

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14 villagers were killed

The court of inquiry was ordered by the army after the incident. The military says the state government has set up a special investigation team (SIT) to co-operate fully in the investigation. Any information or information in this regard is being shared. Fourteen villagers were killed in the tragic incident that took place on December 4 in Som district. One jawan was also martyred in the clash after the incident.

It is noteworthy that the security forces received secret information about the militants, but the security forces mistakenly called the villagers militants and then fired on them, killing the villagers. Let us tell you that AFSPA law applies to many troubled areas of the country. Under this, the security forces have got special powers in many cases.

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