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NEET PG Counseling: Will the strike end? The agitating doctors have met the health minister after the police action, these demands

Resident physician protest: The strike continues despite a police crackdown on residential doctors in Delhi. Although residential doctors said after a meeting with Health Minister Mansukh Mandavia on Tuesday that their meeting with the health minister had been positive, a final decision on ending the strike would be made after talks with various residential doctors’ associations.

During the doctors’ protest on Monday evening, the controversy over their detention and registration of FIRs against them continued throughout the day on Tuesday. When the resident doctors went on strike in protest of the police action, the health facilities in Delhi came to a complete standstill and the OPDs of the hospitals were locked.

What happened in the meeting with the health minister?

The health minister also held a meeting with the striking doctors for about an hour on Tuesday afternoon. During the meeting, the Union Health Minister also expressed regret over the police action against the doctors and assured that he would not take any action on the registered FIR against the doctors. Besides, a three-member committee comprising of the ministry will also prepare a report before the hearing in the Supreme Court on January 8 and submit it to the Supreme Court.

Prime Minister Modi and Amit Shah have said this while targeting Akhilesh Yadav.

After the meeting, Dr. Manish, President of Forda (Federation of Resident Doctors Association), stated that he had made two major demands to the Minister of Health, the first of which was regarding the date of NEET PG counseling. Against which there are continuous protests. He made it clear in his claim that the date of NEET PG counseling should come as soon as possible.

The doctors’ second demand was an apology and the withdrawal of the FIR against the police for removing the resident doctors from the protest site on Monday evening. According to Dr Manish, the health minister has assured him about this. But despite assurances from the health minister, they are not ending the strike at the moment. All residential medical associations will decide on this.

How did the controversy escalate?

In fact, doctors have been on strike in Delhi for the last 12 days demanding speedy NEET-PG counseling. The matter of counseling is pending in the Supreme Court. So on Monday the doctors marched to surround the Supreme Court. But as soon as the protest started, the police stopped the doctors.

Doctor’s strike: CM Arvind Kejriwal writes letter to PM Modi, Center asks why NEET PG counseling is not happening

Doctors clashed with police at the time. Doctors have detained about 2,500 resident doctors, although they were released on Monday evening, doctors said.

Resident doctors, outraged by the police action, marched from Safdarjung Hospital on Monday night and cordoned off Sarojini Nagar police station. At that time the doctors gave loud slogans. Resident doctors complained that the police pushed and beat the doctors. Resident doctors have also written a letter to the Delhi Police Commissioner regarding the conduct of the police. The letter also asked why the police treated the resident doctors who had peacefully marched in condemnation of the police action.

Why do doctors strike?

  • NEET-PG exam is 9 months behind schedule
  • Exams are held in September instead of January
  • Despite the results, there is still no counseling
  • Hospitals are not getting new doctors
  • Excessive workload on existing physicians
  • Acute crisis of junior doctor in the hospital
  • Doctors are on duty for 36 hours continuously

What are the demands of residential doctors?

  • The government should take immediate action for counseling
  • The government should throw the ball in the SC court
  • Counseling date will be announced
  • Hearing in SC through fast track
  • Reducing workload on existing doctors
  • Fill the shortage of 1 lakh junior doctors

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