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Nitin Gadkari’s Elon Musk Bluntly – Don’t Sell Made In China Car In India, Make Tesla Here

Nitin Gadkari tells Elon Musk not to sell made-in-China Tesla cars in India asked to sell.

New Delhi: The dispute between India and China on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) for more than a year is not taking its name to stop. The statement issued by the Indian Army after the 13th round of meeting on this issue shows that India does not trust China at all. On the one hand, the army is ready to give a befitting reply to the Chinese army. At the same time, to teach a lesson to the dragon, the Government of India has taken a new decision.

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The Government of India has bluntly told the world’s largest electric car maker Tesla not to sell Made in China Cars in India. That is, at present, Tesla’s plans to sell ‘Made in China’ cars in India have been dashed.

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Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said that the government has advised Tesla to manufacture and sell cars in India and also export it. The company has also indicated that it will soon start a plant in India and then electric cars will be produced here.

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In fact, Tesla, the world’s largest electric car company, has set up the first plant outside the US in China. The company exports Tesla e-cars from China to Europe and other countries. India does not like this thing. Gadkari has asked Tesla to set up a plant in India and export e-cars to other countries from here. In such a situation, the production of Tesla’s electric cars is expected to start in India soon. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has also given its indications. He has said that continuous talks are going on between Tesla and the government to enter the Indian market.

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