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Omicron cases are increasing rapidly in Maharashtra and Gujarat, find out how many cases came today

Omicron case in Maharashtra Gujarat: The incidence of coronavirus omicron variants has increased in Maharashtra and Gujarat. In Maharashtra, 26 new cases of Omicron variant have been confirmed. Of these, 11 cases have been reported from Mumbai. The number of cases of Omicron has also increased in Gujarat. Today 24 new cases of Omicron have been reported in Gujarat.

How many cases are there in Maharashtra now?

Of the 26 new cases published in Maharashtra today, 11 were reported in Mumbai, 5 in Raigarh (Panvel Municipal Corporation), 4 in Thane Municipal Corporation, 2 in Nanded and one each in Nagpur, Palghar, Bhiwandi, Nizampur Municipal Corporation and Pune Grameen. Done. .. With these new cases, the total number of people infected with the Omicron variant in the state has now reached 167. Let us know that 809 new cases of general coronation have been reported in Mumbai today. 335 patients recovered and 3 patients died. 4,765 active cases.

In Gujarat, the number has reached 73

Today, 24 new cases of Coroner Omicron variant have been reported in Gujarat, bringing the total number of people infected with the variant to 73. We tell you that there has also been an increase in the case of normal corona in Gujarat. Today, after 170 days in the state, the number of active cases of corona has crossed one thousand. There are now 1086 active cases in the state.

Today, 204 new cases of corona have been reported in Gujarat, while one has died during this period. At the same time, 65 people have been released in the state. Let us know that 98 cases have been reported in Ahmedabad today. There were also 33 cases in Rajkot, 22 in Surat and 16 in Vadodara.

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