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Omicron in India: Rapidly spreading Omicron has reached 19 states of the country, so far 578 cases, find out the situation in any state

Omicron latest update in India: The incidence of the dangerous form of the deadly coronavirus Omicron variant is increasing day by day in the country. To date, 578 people in 19 states have been infected with the virus. The health ministry said 151 people infected with the virus had been cured. The biggest thing is that so far no deaths have been reported in the country due to this disease. Find out what’s the latest update of the Omicron variant and what’s the status of the states.

The latest status of the Omicron variant in the country

  • Total cases- 578
  • Total recovery- 151
  • Total States- 19

How many people have been infected in any state

  • Delhi- Total cases 142, recovery 23
  • Maharashtra- Total cases 141, recovery 42
  • Kerala- Total cases 57, recovery 1
  • Gujarat- Total cases 49, recovery 10
  • Rajasthan- Total cases 43, recovery 30
  • Telangana- Total cases 41, recovery 10
  • Tamil Nadu- Total cases 34, recovery 0
  • Karnataka- Total cases 31, recovery 15
  • Madhya Pradesh- Total cases 9, recovery 7
  • Andhra Pradesh- Total cases 6, recovery 1
  • West Bengal- Total cases 6, recovery 1
  • Haryana- Total Case 4, Recovery 2
  • Orissa- Total cases 4, recovery 0
  • Chandigarh- Total Case 3, Recovery 2
  • Jammu and Kashmir- Total Case 3, Recovery 3
  • Uttar Pradesh- Total Case 2, Recovery 2
  • Himachal- Total Case 1, Recovery 1
  • Ladakh- Total Case 1, Recovery 1
  • Uttarakhand- Total cases 1, recovery 0

Ministry of Health meeting with EC today

The risk of spreading the new form of corona omikron is constantly increasing. With this in mind, the Central Election Commission is sitting in an important meeting today. The meeting will also be attended by the Union Health Secretary, who will brief the Central Election Commission on the dangers of Omicron and the information available so far. The Election Commission will hold a meeting with the Central Health Secretary at 11 am today. The meeting may decide to ban the assembly.

Night curfew in Delhi from today

In the growing case of Omicron today in the capital Delhi Night curfew will be in force from 11 pm to 5 am. The Delhi government has taken this decision in the wake of the fast-growing Corona case. The big thing is that in the new Omicron figures released today, Delhi tops the list with 142 cases. Although 23 people have recovered in Delhi.

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