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Omicron: Omicron case surpasses 550 in country, Home Secretary writes to states, directs

Coronavirus (COVID-19: The Union Home Secretary has written to all the chief secretaries of the states in the wake of the growing infection of Omicron and Corona viruses. Union Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla has asked all states to be vigilant in the face of the threat of Omicron and Corona viruses. According to the letter, the new variant spreads three times more than the old one. Therefore, all possible precautions should be taken.

The letter said that although the number of active cases has decreased in the country, the Omicron variant is now becoming a challenge. So far 578 cases have been reported in 19 states of the country. Cases have increased rapidly in many countries. Cases of Omicron have been found in 116 countries around the world. Particularly in the United States, Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, France, South Africa, Australia, and Vietnam. In the letter, states have been advised that delta variants are present in many states and Omicron has also been found, in addition to rigorous monitoring of the situation, data analysis, immediate decision making, local level rigidity, territories in addition to control work.

The letter further suggested that the health infrastructure needs to be strengthened in the face of new challenges. State to ensure that oxygen supply devices are installed and turned on. Also keep adequate stocks of medicines.

States have been advised to impose restrictions on crowd control during the festive season. Also focus on five strategies such as test-track-treat-vaccination and covid compliant behavior.

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