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Pakistan’s new move will prepare a new terrorist gang in Kashmir

ISI has recently made another new plan against India. Under this planning, Pakistan will form a gang of some new terrorists and kill Indians. The purpose behind this plan is to send a message to the whole world that peace has not been established in the valley.

New Delhi: Pakistan has hatched another terrible conspiracy against India. Actually Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) in ISI (ISIIt has been decided in the meeting of officers and terrorist leaders that target killing will be intensified in Kashmir. To take responsibility for this, a terrorist gang is being prepared under a new name. Through this, an attempt will be made to send a message to the world that peace has not been established in Kashmir.

ISI prepared a new plan

According to the news received from intelligence sources, in the last week of September, ISI officers held a meeting with terrorist leaders in Muzaffarabad, PoK and it was decided to form a new terrorist gang in Kashmir. The work of this gang will be to kill the police informers, those working with the security forces, Kashmiris working in the intelligence departments. These gangs are non-Kashmiri people, BJP (BJP) and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) will also kill people associated with it. Apart from this, ISI has also prepared a hit-list of the initial 200 people whose murder will be tried to create sensation. It also has the names of many Kashmiri Pandits who are active in the return of Pandits to their homes.

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gang will take responsibility for the murders

The new gang will take responsibility for these killings to send a message that these terrorists are local Kashmiris. Those terrorists who are not yet in the eyes of the security forces will be used for the killings. For this, a large number of Kashmiris who are sympathizers of terrorists but have not been involved in any crime for a long time will be used. A few days ago, during the festival, there was also information about a conspiracy to attack Hindu temples in Kashmir. Intelligence sources believe that the terrorists are now working on a strategy of attacking a few people instead of major attacks on the security forces.

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