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Passed UPSC Prelims every time, still the dream did not come true; It took 4 years to become an IAS

Amit Kale gave the UPSC exam four times and passed the prelims exam four times, but his dream could not be fulfilled. In the fourth time, he achieved success in the civil service by adopting a very special strategy and became an IAS officer.

New Delhi: Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exam is considered to be one of the toughest exams in India, but in spite of this lakhs of students from across the country appear in it every year. However, very few students are able to clear it every year. It is not easy to pass this exam and after failing many times, they work hard and give the exam again. Some such story is of IAS officer Amit Kale.

Passed UPSC Prelims exam for four consecutive times

Amit Kale gave the UPSC exam for the first time in the year 2014 and cleared the prelims exam, but could not reach the final round. In the second attempt also, he got success in the prelims exam, but once again got stuck in the final. Amit Kale got success in the third attempt, but his rank was not good and he could not become an IAS.

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IAS Officer Amit Kale Success Story

IAS officer made in fourth attempt

Even after this, Amit Kale decided to take the examination for the fourth time and achieved success in the civil service by adopting a very special strategy. Fulfilled the dream of becoming an IAS by bringing 212th rank in the year 2018. The special thing is that Amit Kale cleared the preliminary examination in all the four attempts.

Must be aware of strengths and weaknesses

According to Amit Kale, a candidate appearing for the UPSC exam must first be aware of his strengths, weaknesses and abilities. Accordingly, one should proceed with the preparation. Amit Kale said that one should not prepare by looking at others, because everyone is different.

IAS Officer Amit Kale Success Story

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study with a special strategy

According to the report of DNA, Amit Kale said, ‘First of all, for the preparation of UPSC exam, prepare the study material and find out in which subject he is weak and in which subject he is strong.’ He further said, ‘After preparing the study material, prepare for the easiest subject and then focus on the difficult subjects later. But everyone should prepare in their own way, as the subjects may seem difficult or easy according to their abilities.

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