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Political squabbles continue in Rajasthan Congress, find out what Sachin Pilot is waiting for

Political controversy continues in Rajasthan Congress: Congress leader Vanwarlal Sharma has said that Ashok Gehlat is the Chief Minister of Rajasthan. He is my leader and Sachin Pilot also has to accept him as his leader.

Jaipur: Political squabbles continue in the Rajasthan Congress. Lawyers are deciding their beliefs. Pilot camp legislators are demanding the High Command to expand and replace the cabinet in political appointments, while pro-Gohlot legislators are urging them. They say the High Command should be heard, not those who have troubled the Congress government, not those who supported the party.

The pilot is awaiting a meeting with the party high command

According to sources, Sachin Pilot is still waiting to meet the High Command. The pilot wants to meet Priyanka Gandhi. Sachin pilot did not get time to meet Priyanka Gandhi. Priyanka Gandhi is currently on holiday in Shimla.

CM Gehlot will not meet anyone for 2 months

Let us tell you that for the last two days Sachin Pilot has been waiting to meet the party high command, but has not had time to meet him till today. On the other hand, CM Ashok Gehlot has made it clear that with Corona’s excuse, to stay away from any meeting for the next 2 months, nothing will happen.

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Will Sachin Pilot accept CM Gehlot as leader?

Congress leader Bhanwarlal Sharma has said that Ashok Gehlot is the Chief Minister of Rajasthan. He is my leader and Sachin Pilot also has to accept him as his leader. On the other hand, Sandeep Yadav even called the MLAs of the pilot camp and said that the high command should listen to those who saved the government instead of those who betrayed the party.

At the same time, the pilot camp Gehlot retaliated against the team. It was said on behalf of the pilot camp that those who call us traitors should look inside themselves. Defeated leaders should not mean us. Those who change parties have no right to speak. The struggle for the respect and dignity of the workers will continue. Talking to the High Command about the harm, we want the rights of the workers.


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MLAs from BSP to Congress have also shown their attitude. Former minister and Udaipurbati MLA Rajendra Gudha said the government must change.

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