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Punjab Election 2022: Recent Survey of Punjab, People Want Government of This Party, Not Congress or BJP

Latest Punjab Election Survey: This year Punjab was the most talked about due to the peasant movement. The peasants protested against the Centre’s agricultural law, which the Modi government eventually had to withdraw. Many political loaves were also baked during the peasant movement, as the issue was related to the Assembly elections. In other words, no party wanted to upset the farmers. Assembly elections in Punjab next year. In this regard, your channel ABP News tries to know the latest status of the state with C voters every week. In this recent survey, we have tried to find out which party the people of Punjab are deciding to hand over power to. The latest survey has come up with some startling information.

Question 1: Which party will win the Punjab election?


  • 32% of people want AAP to win
  • 26% of people want Congress to win
  • 11 percent people want Akali Dal to win
  • 7 percent of people believe that a stunned assembly will come
  • 3% of people want others to win
  • Where 31 percent of people say, we know nothing.

Question 2: Are people angry with the Punjab government and want to change the government?

  • Six percent said they were angry with the government and wanted change.
  • Thirty-four percent said they were not angry with the government and did not want change.

BJP-Amarinder Singh’s party seats discussed!

The Punjab Lok Congress, recently formed by the BJP and Captain Amarinder Singh, is expected to finalize the seat-sharing deal for the Assembly elections today. There are indications that Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa of Akali Dal United has joined the alliance. According to sources, BJP will be a big ally in the alliance. Out of a total of 117 assembly seats, the BJP is likely to contest 70 to 82 seats and the remaining seats will be contested by Captain Amarinder Singh and Dhindsar candidates.

Punjab Election 2022: The seats in Punjab where Dalits decide defeat and victory are the equation of the state.

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