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Punjab Election 2022: Sometimes the power of Congress …

Punjab Assembly Election 2022: The politics of Punjab, equipped with political battles and seasoned politicians, is heading towards making a new history. This election is very special for Punjab, which has a unique political legacy. The peasant movement has largely changed the color of Punjab politics in the north-west of the country. Throughout the year, due to the movement and political ups and downs in the Congress party, the politics of the state has become a topic of discussion throughout the year. In such a situation, the election in Punjab is going to be special after the UP election which is considered to be the most interesting.

In Punjab politics, in the last assembly elections, the AAP made a significant achievement in making history. It was the achievement of an external team to establish their existence in Punjab. Punjab’s electoral history has so far been such that voters here have fielded only two parties, the Akali Dal and the Congress. The BJP may have entered Punjab politics due to its alliance with the BJP for so many years, but the Akali Dal maintained an important position in this alliance.

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There was interference from both sides from the beginning

Looking at the post-independence political history, it can be seen that the two parties have been interfering in the state from the very beginning with the source of abundant water and fertile soil. If the dust is removed from the pages of history, it is claimed that the origin of Indus civilization is also in this world. There are 117 seats in the Punjab Assembly. The current literacy rate here is close to 77 percent. The Sikh population in the state is 60 per cent of the total population. There are more Jat Sikhs in the Sikh community of the state. About 20 per cent of the population of Punjab has migrated from other states. In such a situation Sikhs interfere more in the politics of the state.

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Punjab is a small state in terms of size and has a unicameral legislature. From the interim government of the first assembly to the first, second and third assemblies, the Congress dominated. At this time Congress was in power in the state. In the fourth assembly elected on March 20, 1967, power in the state passed to the Akali Dal. The ‘Punjab Janata Party’ also got a chance to taste power in this rally.

The Akali Dal regained power in the fifth assembly on 13 March 1969. The fifth assembly had two chief ministers, Gurnam Singh and Prakash Singh Badal. It was at this time that Prakash Singh became the Chief Minister of the state for the first time. In the sixth assembly, the Congress won again and came to power. In the government elected on March 21, 1972, the Congress handed over the Chief Minister’s chair to Jayal Singh. In the June 30, 1977 elections, the Akali Dal returned to power and Prakash Singh Badal again got the chance to be the Chief Minister in the Seventh Assembly. However, the five-year term of the government has not been completed.

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Assembly elections were held again on 23 June 1980 and the Congress came to power in the 8th Assembly. The Congress has made Darbara Singh Chief Minister. The Shiromani Dal rose to power in the Ninth Legislative Assembly on 14 October 1985. The Akali Dal has now declared Surjit Singh Barnala as the Chief Minister of the state. The state has seen three chief ministers in the tenth assembly. Beant Singh, Harcharan Singh Brar, Rajendra Kaur Bhattal got the opportunity to sit in the chair of the Chief Minister in the Legislative Assembly formed on March 16, 1992. At this time the Congress was in power in the state.

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The Shiromani Akali Dal regained power in the assembly elections held on 3 March 1997. Prakash Singh Badal is the Chief Minister of the state again. The Congress came to power in the 12th Assembly formed on 21 March 2002 and Amarinder Singh became the Chief Minister for the first time. Amarinder Singh has been in power for five years. The 13th Legislative Assembly was formed on March 1, 2007 and Prakash Singh Badal had the opportunity to become the Chief Minister. In 2012, the Shiromani Akali Dal came to power for the second time in a row and Prakash Singh Badal became the Chief Minister of the state. The 15th Assembly saw two chief ministers in the Congress government in the state. Amarinder Singh was made the Chief Minister on March 24, 2017 and then Charanjit Singh Channi got the opportunity to sit in the chair of power after the recent resignation of Amarinder Singh.

Current Status of Punjab Legislative Assembly

The Congress currently has 77 MLAs in the 117-seat assembly. On the other hand, 14 MLAs of Aam Aadmi Party are at home. The Shiromani Akali Dal currently has 13 MLAs and the Bharatiya Janata Party has 5 MLAs. LIP 2K plc has one MLA. There are currently five vacancies in the Assembly.

The equation of assembly elections

The Punjab election has become very interesting. After the victory of 14 MLAs in the last Assembly elections, the party emerged as the second largest party in the state and took place at home as the main opposition party. Although in the last assembly elections, TMC Punjab’s Jawa Jawan Joy contested in alliance with the Kisan Party, but failed to win. The ruling Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party have also advanced in the state, but neither party has been successful in the state.

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What a special time this time

This election is also interesting because the Shiromani Akali Dal has entered the field without an alliance with the BJP. The Akali Dal has formed an alliance with the Bahujan Samaj Party to cash in on the Dalit vote. The BJP has entered the fray in alliance with the newly formed party of former chief minister Capt Amarinder Singh. After becoming the main opposition party, the Aam Aadmi Party also gave full force to the Punjab elections. You are confident and trying to make some new history in Punjab. At the same time, the question of existence for Captain Amarinder Singh. He is a veteran player in politics and is contesting the elections in alliance with a national team. In such a scenario, this election is very important for him and the BJP.

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