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Rajasthan: A student showed her private part to a female teacher in an online class, police arrested

Student flushes private parts to teacher: Police recover a laptop from accused student. Defendants placed guards on his laptop so his IP address could not be tracked.

Mumbai: An incident has come to light from Rajasthan which has disrupted the dignity of the student. Mumbai police have arrived in Rajasthan and arrested a 15-year-old girl studying in 9th class who opened her private parts several times in front of a female teacher during an online class (Student Flashes Private Parts Two).

Students perform obscene acts in online classes

According to a report in the Times Now, between February 15 and March 2, there were several incidents of showing personal parts during online classes. After which the female teacher even thinks of closing the class. However, the victim, a female teacher, later filed a case against the accused student at Sakinaka police station in Mumbai.

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The accused were caught under surveillance

The police official said that through surveillance, the police identified the accused boy and arrested him from Rajasthan. Also last month, a team of Mumbai police arrived in Rajasthan to investigate the case. The accused student was arrested from Jaisalmer.

The student did this tactic to avoid the police

Please say that the police recovered a laptop from the accused student. The accused had placed a guard on his laptop so that his IP address could not be tracked. The student cleverly hides his face while running the incident, but once the female teacher took a screenshot of the accused’s background. This screenshot assisted the police team in the investigation.

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During police interrogation, the accused student said that during the class he jokingly showed his private part. After the arrest, the accused student was produced in court and from there he was sent to a juvenile home.

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