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Revenue detective team reaches ‘Dhan Kuber’ target of five investigating agencies

The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence team has reached Kannauj today to investigate the black money Kuber of Kanpur. On the other hand, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) has written a letter to the GST headquarters in this regard, asking them to provide all the documents related to the operation so that it can investigate the money laundering angle. That is to say, now the black money of Kuber is being targeted by five central investigative agencies and each agency wants to know where the money came from.

The GST team also recovered 23 kg of gold during the raid in Kanauj. There are allegations that the gold was made abroad. After the gold was recovered, the GST headquarters informed the Revenue Intelligence Department about the matter and requested an inquiry into the matter. After that a team of DRI reached Kannauj today.

According to sources, the team will investigate what was the source of foreign gold in India. If it was a company or an individual who bought it legally, then how did this gold reach Piyush Jain and how did Piyush Jain pay for it?

On the other hand, the Lucknow office of the Enforcement Directorate, Hawala and the Central Investigation Agency investigating money laundering, wrote a letter to the GST headquarters that all documents and electronic devices related to the operation should be handed over to the Enforcement Directorate. So it is known that in this case the money was not brought to India through money laundering. It is thought that after a preliminary assessment of the documents, the Enforcement Directorate may start an investigation by filing a case under the Money Laundering Act.

Sources said that apart from this, three other central investigative agencies are also keeping an eye on the millionaire. This includes the Income Tax Department, which in this case can initiate its action under the Black Money Act in addition to income tax evasion, on the other hand, 600 kg of sandalwood oil has been recovered from the premises of Piyush Jain. The wildlife department could also begin an investigation into the oil, where so much sandalwood oil was brought from, where the timber was purchased from, and whether approval was obtained from the department required to cut the timber.

It may be recalled that a team of GST Intelligence Ahmedabad raided Kanpur Kannauj and seized cash worth Rs 194 crore, 23 kg of gold and sandalwood oil worth Rs 6 crore and other important documents from the premises of Piyush Jain, a trader selling gutkha company. Confiscated

The GST department arrested Piyush Jain in the case and during interrogation at the GST office, Piyush Jain claimed that all the money belonged to him. Piyush Jain was produced before a special court in Kanpur, from where he was remanded in judicial custody on Monday.

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