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See: Minister Kiren Rijiju’s car got stuck in a heavy snowfall, then pushed himself, advising tourists

Kiren Rijiju’s car is stuck in heavy snowfall: Heavy snow is falling in many parts of Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh. In this context, Union Law and Justice Minister Kiren Rijiju advised tourists to get information about the snowfall situation before planning a trip here.

Heavy snowfall at Baishakhi, Sela Pass and Nuranang

Law Minister Kiren Rijiju’s convoy was stranded for some time due to heavy snowfall in Tawang. Kiren Rijiju is pushing her car at this time. The law minister shared a video on his Ku handle while pushing a car stuck in the snow. Also, he wrote that heavy snowfall is taking place in Baishakhi, Sela Pass and Nuranong.

Driving on the road is very dangerous – Kieran Rijiju

Minister Kiren Rijiju warned tourists to take information before visiting these areas, as it is very dangerous to drive on the roads in the snow. He said the temperature in the area often drops to minus 25 degrees Celsius.


This is not the first time that Minister Kiren Rijiju has shared a video of the snow-covered Dhaka area. He recently shared a video on the occasion of International Mountain Day on December 11 and wrote, “Let’s take an oath to save the beautiful nature and the luxurious mountains.”


Significantly, the first snowfall of the season occurred at the tourist center Tawang on December 22, when the temperature in the area was minus 2 degrees Celsius. Roads are likely to be blocked due to this heavy snowfall.

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