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The first case of green fungus found in Indore is more severe than that of black and white fungi

The first case of green fungus was reported in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. 90% of the patient had lung infection and was taken to Mumbai for treatment.

Indore: At the moment the country has not been able to recover from the second wave of black fungus and corona, while now a new disease of green fungus has emerged. The first case of green fungus in the country has been found in Indore city of Madhya Pradesh (MP). This patient is undergoing treatment in Mumbai. Experts have described the green fungus as more deadly than the black-and-white fungus.

Such incidents came to the fore

Vishal Sridhar, 34, who lives in the Manikbagh Road area of ​​Indore, got corona a few days ago and had to be hospitalized. He recovered and returned home a few days later, but again had to be hospitalized due to problems. “Earlier, we suspected that the patient had an infection with black fungus (mucus mycosis),” said Dr Ravi Dosi, head of the thoracic department at the Arvind Institute of Medical Sciences (SIMS). Examination revealed that he had a green fungus (aspergillosis) infection in his sinuses, lungs and blood.

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Mumbai Airlift

Doctors said that the right lung of the giant Sridhar was filled with pus, which many attempts were made to remove, but without success. In addition to the many symptoms, his fever did not drop below 103 degrees. He had 90% infection in his lungs. The patient was airlifted to Mumbai by a chartered plane and is currently undergoing treatment at Hinduja Hospital. Doctors believe this is the first case of green fungus in the country.


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