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The government has issued a statement on rumors that calf serum is not used in vaccines

The central government has issued a statement on the use of calf serum in Kovacin and said the information was distorted in social media posts.

New Delhi: In India, people over the age of 18 are being vaccinated in the fight against the coronavirus, but in the meantime, there is a myth among the people about the vaccine, which the government is trying to eradicate from time to time. The government has made it clear that the truth has been distorted.

‘Vaccine does not use calf serum’

A statement issued by the PIB said, “Several social media posts have claimed that the vaccine contains calf serum. This is incorrect and the information has been distorted.

‘Used only for Vero cell growth’

The statement said, ‘Calf serum is only used to prepare or grow Vero cells. Various types of bovine and other animal serum are standard culture ingredients used worldwide for the growth of verrucous cells.

‘This technology has been used for decades’

PIB added, ‘Vero cells are used to establish cell life that helps make vaccines. This technology has been used in polio, rabies and influenza vaccines for decades.

‘Vero cells cleaned’

The statement added, “After growth, these verrucous cells are washed several times with water and chemicals to clean them from calf serum.

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