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The wife and mother reached the court for the minor ‘groom’, the court sent asylum

The boy’s mother argued that her son was a minor and not legally able to marry and that the marriage was annulled, but the adult wife wanted to keep him with her.

Prayagraj: A case is pending in the Allahabad High Court. The adult wife sought custody of the minor husband but the court rejected that claim. The mother of the minor had filed a writ petition in the court, after which the court ruled that the minor should stay in the child protection home for the time being.

‘Pokso law makes crime punishable’

The Allahabad High Court refused to hand over the protection of the minor husband to his adult wife. The court ruled that the marriage could be annulled and that it would amount to allowing an adult to live with a minor, a crime punishable under the Pokso Act.

The verdict has been given on the application of the son’s mother

Since the 1-year-old son / husband did not agree to stay with his mother, the court did not give her protection. The court directed the concerned authorities to make arrangements for the boy to stay in any shelter-like facility till he gets his majority. The court made it clear that after February 4, 2022, he can live with whomever he wants, including his wife. The order was passed by Justice JJ Munir at the request of the boy’s mother.

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Rejects the claim of the minor’s wife

The boy’s mother argued that her son was a minor and was not legally capable of marriage and the marriage was annulled. The boy was produced in court on September 18, 2020. The court recorded his statement, saying, “Undoubtedly this boy has never been with his wife under any kind of pressure or he has never been coaxed or coaxed.” However, the court rejected his wife’s request to protect her minor son. The wife of this minor boy also gave birth to a child. The court’s decision is dated May 31, 2021

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