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Twitter war between Center and Congress over Covid-19 vaccine, BJP accuses Congress of propaganda

Covid vaccine in India: The Congress and the central government on Monday targeted each other with the Covid-19 vaccination target. P Chidambaram, a senior leader of the main opposition Congress, alleged that there was confusion over the booster dose of the vaccine. On the other hand, Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has taunted the country’s oldest political party by accusing it of ‘spreading false information’.

Former Home Minister Chidambaram has lashed out at the government for its alleged slow pace of vaccination against Kovid, saying the government’s demand for giving the first dose of the Kovid vaccine to 100 per cent of the country’s adult population by December 31 would remain. The wind. He is the government However, targeting, he said, the country is vaccinating very slowly.

Chidambaram alleges that the government does not have enough vaccines

He claimed that due to the government’s ‘protectionist’ policy, Pfizer, Moderna and other WHO approved vaccines have remained outside India for one reason or another. “That’s why we don’t have enough vaccines to cover 940 million people,” he said. The former home minister said in a tweet that the government’s “huge demand” that 100% of the country’s adult population be vaccinated by December 31 has been blown up.

The chief minister, the Union education minister and leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), has accused Congress leaders of “creating panic and intimidation and spreading false information”. There itself Chidambaram further complained that the booster dose proposal was “creating confusion”. Chidambaram said, “What is the booster dose vaccine for Kovishield? I hope there is no other dose of Kovishield.”

Dharmendra Pradhan has accused Chidambaram of spreading terror and propaganda

Chidambaram further said that the consequences of past mistakes are now coming to the fore. We are paying for delays in orders, late payments, non-licensing of Pfizer and Moderna and inadequate production and supply. In response Hitting Chidambaram, the chief said that the tragic position of the Congress and its congregation in every progressive step taken by India was never surprising.

The chief also said that he had misled the people about the safety of the vaccine made in his country, stressed the hesitation about the vaccine and created panic by doubting the collective capacity of our country. He tweeted, “And, now that India is again taking proactive steps to effectively manage Omicron variants, such people are again creating panic and fear.

Developed countries are also fighting the Omicron variant

The chief said that many developed countries are facing the wrath of Omicron variants despite being dependent on the above vaccines. Also, Chidambaram ji, I remind you that it was the Congress government that sold the vaccine for profit, he tweeted. The purpose of your deception will not derail India’s fight against the epidemic. Note thatAs of Monday afternoon, 142.31 million doses of the covid vaccine had been given in the country, of which about 840 million people had received the first dose and more than 58 million people had received both doses.

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