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Twitter warned after the government’s ‘ultimatum’ was followed by the appointment of a Chief Compliance Officer

Twitter has appointed an interim chief compliance officer, the information will be shared with the Ministry of Information soon.

New Delhi: Twitter on Tuesday said it has appointed an interim chief compliance officer for India. The details of the officer will be shared directly with the Ministry of Information soon. The government said in a notice to Twitter that it had been given one last chance to abide by the rules. He must obey the rules immediately.

One week time

Recently, the government made it clear to Twitter that the exemption from liability under the IT Act would be revoked if it failed to follow the rules. In addition, he must be prepared to take action under the IT Act. Following this, Twitter sent a letter to the government last week, assuring it that the appointment of a Chief Compliance Officer under the new IT Act was in its final stages and that additional details would be provided to the government within a week.

Twitter took this step after the government’s tough stance

A Twitter spokesman said on Tuesday that the company was making every effort to comply with the new guidelines and that the Ministry of Information Technology was being kept informed of the progress of each step of the process. He said that an interim chief compliance officer has been appointed and details related to it will be shared with the minister soon. The move by Twitter is significant because the microblogging site faced a tough stance from the government due to delays in following IT policies.

The new rules will set more accountability

Under the new rules, larger digital platforms will have to be more accountable for the content they leave on their platforms. Under the new rules, additional measures need to be taken on major media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. These include the appointment of Chip Compliance Officers, Nodal Officers and Complaints Officers in India

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The parliamentary committee has summoned Twitter officials

Meanwhile, a parliamentary committee headed by Congress leader Shashi Tharoor on Friday summoned top officials of the micro-blogging site to record their statements and submit a report on the prevention of social abuse after the central government issued a notice to Twitter. The Parliamentary Standing Committee on IT has called on a number of social media giants, including Facebook and Twitter, to present their positions on issues related to the misuse of social media platforms and the protection of civil rights.

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