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UP: A case has been filed against Twitter India for spreading fake news

Twitter India booking for spreading fake news: Ghaziabad police investigation has found that an elderly man working as an amulet was beaten by people just for the amulet. There was no incident of shouting slogans.

Ghaziabad: Police have filed a case against Twitter India in connection with the beating of an elderly man in Loni, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. Outside of this IOO has been recruited. The matter is being investigated. If the IO thinks that Twitter India should be called for questioning, a notice will be issued.

Try to provoke communal feelings

In this regard, Ghaziabad SSP Amit Pathak said that those who tweeted, their motive was melified. The tweet was later deleted. Attempts were made to provoke communal sentiments. We have the details. We are investigating. Will take action against everyone according to the rules.

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The cyber cell is investigating

He added that these tweets have been deleted to avoid action. This would not have happened if we had known the facts at an early stage. Action will be taken against those who are under investigation. Some more names will be added. A few more sections will be added. Ghaziabad’s cyber cell is checking. The role of elders will also be examined. Even though he knew the accused, he made a wrong statement.

What happened that day?

Let us tell you that an elderly man was recently beaten by a few people in Loni and his beard was cut off. After which Praveen complained that he was forced to chant Joy Shri Ram. When he refused, he was beaten and had his beard cut off.

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However, the Ghaziabad police investigation has shown that the old man did the work of making the amulet. People beat him only for amulets. There was no incident of shouting slogans. The accused who beat the elders is not just a religious person. The old man already knew him

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