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Waited 55 years for 11 minute journey, dream fulfilled at the age of 90

A man from America waited 55 years to fulfill his dream. At the age of 90, he fulfilled his dream by traveling to space.

New Delhi: A man from America waited 55 years to fulfill his dream. This story is of William Shatner. He was in the role of Captain Kirk in America’s famous TV series Star Trek.

used to travel to an imaginary planet

You must have also seen Star Trek in childhood. Star trek was the story of some such astronauts. They first go to the Moon, then to Mars, and then to an imaginary star. The astronauts in this TV series were led by Captain Kirk, whose spacecraft was named USS Enterprise.

William Shatner turns 90

William Shatner, who played this character, is 90 years old and now he has become an astronaut in Real, not in Reel. According to Indian time, at around 8 pm on Wednesday evening, a vehicle of industrialist Jeff Bezos’s space company Blue Origin took off for space.

space ship travel

Four people including William Shatner were involved in this vehicle, including an employee of Jeff Bezos’s company Amazon. The other two people are industrialists. Jeff Bezos himself has been a big fan of Star Trek. For this reason, Jeff Bezos also played a small role of an Alien in the 2016 film Star Trek Beyond.

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55 years wait is over

The vehicle in which four astronauts, including William Shatner, flew to space. His name is New Shepard. This vehicle reached a height of 100 km from the earth carrying these astronauts. This journey was a total of 11 minutes. This 11-minute journey ended William Shatner’s 55-year wait and he became an astronaut from reel life to real life as well.

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