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Winter vacation has been announced for pre-primary and primary classes in Delhi

Delhi school holidays: Arvind Kejriwal’s government has announced winter break for pre-primary (nursery and KG) and primary (first to fifth) class children in government schools in Delhi. Holidays will be from January 1 to January 15. At this time, online and offline teaching and learning activities of children will also be banned.

Do not grow in Delhi as well as winter

In addition to the cold, the incidence of corona virus and omicron variant is also increasing in the country’s capital Delhi. Today, 331 new cases of corona have been registered in one day in Delhi. With this, there has been a big jump in the corona positivity rate in the capital and the infection rate has increased to 0.68 per cent, the highest in Delhi since June 2, 2021.

Yellow alerts may be issued

It is feared that the government may have to issue a yellow alert soon due to the increasing incidence of corona in Delhi. It is issued when the infection rate is up to 0.5 percent for two consecutive days or 1500 cases per week or 500 oxygen beds are filled.

Explain that after the issuance of Yellow Alert, even formulas are applied for opening shops in the respective areas. Shopping hours are reduced from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., and only one weekly market is allowed in a municipal area.

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