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Yogi’s government is fighting ‘face to face’, he did not appoint experienced officer as minister: Akhilesh Yadav

Akhilesh Yadav said the SP would soon release its list of assembly candidates. The organization will contest elections at the booth level and form alliances with other smaller parties.

New Delhi: With the upcoming assembly elections looming, political mercury is rising in Uttar Pradesh. Samajwadi Party president Akhilesh Yadav has demanded to win more than 350 seats in the 2022 assembly elections. At the same time, he also demanded an inquiry into the Ayodhya land. Akhilesh said people across the country have donated for the Ram temple. The allegations should be investigated and until an investigation is carried out, those who have been accused in the faith should resign.

‘No one can stop construction of Ram temple’

In an exclusive interview with Zee News, Akhilesh Yadav said that he has bought land worth Tk 2 crore in Ayodhya for Tk 16 crore, but the administration is not compensating the farmers of Ayodhya at the rate of scholarship. The government is not giving proper compensation to the farmers whose land is being taken for Ayodhya airport for charitable work. Regarding the BJP’s allegation that the SP was obstructing the construction of the Ram temple, Akhilesh Yadav said that no one could stop the construction of the Ram temple, which was being built on the orders of the Supreme Court. No one will stop the construction of the temple.

When will you get the vaccine?

Akhilesh Yadav demanded from the Yogi government that the UP government should give the Karna vaccine to all the citizens of UP by Diwali. I will be the last person to receive the vaccine. When the whole UP is vaccinated, I get the vaccine but my people should get the vaccine.

Will there be any alliance with Shivpal Yadav?

Will there be an alliance with Shivpal Yadav’s party? With this, Akhilesh said, Shivpal Yadav’s seat will not be given to SP candidate in Jaswantnagar. Now the Samajwadi Party will not form an alliance with the Congress and the BSP. The SP will form alliances with smaller parties in UP. Akhilesh said, “Our alliance in UP is currently in alliance with RLD, Mahan Dal, Sanjay Chauhan’s People’s Party and other smaller parties, contacting us.

‘BSP MLAs are in trouble’

Regarding Mayawati’s tweet, Akhilesh Yadav said that many BSP MLAs are coming with us and many big BJP leaders are in touch with the SP who want to join the SP. The one who will win and follow the socialist ideas will be included in the SP. Akhilesh said that only SP in UP is defeating BJP. All departments are with SP. We are getting the support of all the people in OBC, Forward society.

Lord Vishnu will build the biggest temple

Akhilesh said, if a government is formed in UP, we will build the biggest temple of Lord Vishnu in Chambal. The Brahmin community is coming forward for the idol of Lord Parshuram, we will give whatever support we have. “Inflation, unemployment, misery of farmers, law and order, expensive electricity, payment of cane will be the subject of our election,” Akhilesh said. The Yogi government is fighting face to face.

‘Yogi doesn’t want to develop’

In the wake of the controversy in the Yogi government, Akhilesh said, “Yogi ji did not appoint an experienced officer from Delhi as a minister. If the officers who were sent from Delhi as MLCs were made ministers, the government would benefit from their experience, but Yogi ji does not want to develop.” Rarely do you take any Delhi official to the cabinet.


Ask the Yogi Government these questions

Akhilesh said that from Delhi to Lucknow, the BJP is only holding elections, they should look back at the election manifesto, how many promises were fulfilled? Yogi government has failed on every front, how many hospitals have been built? How many medical colleges were built? How many markets have you created? Is the income of farmers doubled? How many jobs were given in UP? The BJP government has to answer these questions.

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The election campaign will start soon

Regarding preparations for the elections, Akhilesh said the SP would soon release its list of Assembly candidates. Our preparations are complete, the company will compete in the booth level elections. The alliance with the other smaller parties, will be finalized soon. I will be out campaigning very soon. I have participated in most of the district staff training camps. Wait for our announcement, it will cover all the issues of UP.

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