A two-year-old innocent picked up a gun and killed the mother holding a zoom meeting, know what is the whole matter?

In America, his own mother was accidentally killed at the hands of an innocent. The child had found the father’s gun and was shot in the game, which went straight to the mother doing the zoom meeting. The child’s father was not present at home when the accident happened.

Florida: In Florida, USA, a child shot and killed his mother. The police have arrested the father of the child. Actually, the handgun of the father had fallen in the hands of a two-year-old innocent. After which he opened fire on the mother who was meeting on a zoom call in the house. Police said that 22-year-old Vondre Avery, the father of the child, was arrested on Tuesday. He is charged with murder and negligent possession of a gun.

Gun was found in the backpack

According to the report of ‘US Today’, the police told that the 2-year-old child had found the gun from the bagpack. In the game, he fired a shot. The bullet hit his mother Shamaya Lin directly in the head, killing her. During that time, Shamaya was sitting in the office’s zoom meeting at home. The incident was informed to the police by the colleague of the deceased, who was involved in the Zoom meeting.

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Colleague called police

The coworker immediately called 911 to say that she heard gunshots and saw Lynn fall. Lin Ka’s child was crying and her partner was also not at home. When Avery, the husband of the deceased, reached home, there was blood everywhere on the floor. She told the emergency service that her partner was working on the computer, when the accident must have happened.

Woman died on the spot

The woman died on the spot due to bullet injuries. Police said that another child was present in the house at the time of the incident. Let us tell you that this is not the first incident of children using guns in America. In September, a two-year-old boy accidentally shot himself in Texas. He had taken out the gun from his relative’s bag, which was loaded and the safety lock was also not installed.


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