Alien in the bedroom! … is she watching everything in your house? The police are getting annoyed

New Delhi: In Northern Ireland, the police department received reports of 8 strange scenes until last year, but this time 6 strange things were reported in the same year.

Spaceships and flashes of light can be seen in the sky

According to our affiliated website WION, on January 17, a report was received from the Downpatrick area where a local man spoke about spaceships and flashing lights in the sky. A local said a white light was seen after seeing the helicopter in the Magberi area in May.

Strange pictures were found on the CCTV of the house

Then the police found a strange picture on the CCTV of a house in Newtownnabi area. Police also found a dome-shaped object in the Centerfield area, where lights were coming out from eight places.

Got information of aliens in the bedroom

Later in June, a local fellow called police to say there were aliens in his bedroom, but this was not discussed in any international news. In October, the police department arrested a man who was claimed to have been abducted by aliens.

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Last November, a local man told police that a strange bright light appeared in the sky, which frightened the man.

Maintain a database of such incidents

A spokesman for the Northern Ireland Police Department said no investigation was under way. The department maintains a database of cases where people talk about UFOs, strange lights in the sky, aliens.

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