Another Taliban decree for women, no rules will be broken if any

Kabul: Taliban (The Taliban) Proved once again that his attitude towards women is not changing. Afghanistan (Afghanistan) Taliban officials have again curtailed women’s freedom. According to the new decree, women in Afghanistan will no longer be able to travel long distances alone. Women will be able to travel long distances on condition that they have a close male relative with them.

You have to rely on people for long journeys

“Women traveling more than 72 km (45 miles) must be accompanied by a close male family member,” ministry spokesman Sadiq Akif Muhajir told Al Jazeera.

Hijab is compulsory for women

In order to promote the guidelines issued by the ministry on Sunday and to prevent sins, it was also stated that only women wearing hijab can sit in their cars. The Taliban’s directive is being condemned around the world.

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There is no desire to give women freedom!

Occupying their power in Afghanistan, the Taliban have said they want to present a liberal image on the international stage. It further said that women will be given full rights. But since taking power, the Taliban have proved they have no desire to liberate women.

Women TV journalists also wear headscarves

The new guidelines on social media networks also tell people to stop playing music in their vehicles. Recall that a week ago, the ministry asked Afghan television channels to stop showing dramas and soap operas featuring female actresses. The decree also requires female TV journalists to wear headscarves.

The definition of hijab in the Taliban

The hijab is a garment that can cover everything from the hair to the face or the whole body. Most Afghan women already wear headscarves.

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‘Women prisoners’

Human Rights Watch has strongly condemned the new guidelines issued by the Taliban. Heather Barr, associate director of the women’s rights group, told AFP that the new order was aimed at capturing women. “It deprives them (women) of the right to travel, to travel to another city, to do business, (or) to speak out against domestic violence,” Barr said.

Violation of women’s right to education

Earlier this month, the Taliban issued a decree naming their supreme leader. So that the government is instructed to implement women’s rights. But it did not mention the educational opportunities for girls. On Sunday, Afghanistan’s Higher Education Minister Abdul Baki Haqqani said officials were discussing the issue.

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Haqqani’s strange statement

“The Islamic Emirate is not against women’s education, but against co-education,” Haqqani told reporters. That means girls can’t study with boys. “We are working to create an Islamic environment where women can study … it may take some time,” she said. But Haqqani did not specify when the girls would be able to return to school or college across the country.

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