As San Francisco became the epicenter of organized retail crime, many companies closed their stores; The police are helpless

Police further believe that thefts are on the rise in the city. Raj Vaswani, commander of the San Francisco Police Department, said thefts and robberies have increased in the recent past. In most cases habitual offenders who commit such crimes.

Washington: In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, shoppers in the American city of San Francisco are facing another threat, and that is shopping. Alam is to close outlets of many big brands. The day-to-day theft here has left traders with a dual problem. Because of an already corona, it has not been possible to speed up their business and secondly, theft incidents have exacerbated their problems. Traders have also complained to the administration, but the situation remains the same.

The CVC has instructed its employees

The American agency Walgreens said thefts in the city were out of control, The Independent reported. As a result, it had to close 17 stores. At the same time, another company, CVC, has instructed its employees not to get involved with thieves. The agency said criminals often attack when they see themselves trapped in a theft, so employees should not take any risks.

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Security officers were targeted

The CVC has described San Francisco as a major center of organized retail crime. Brendon Dugan, head of the agency’s retail crime division, said in a recent meeting with the administration that a number of thefts in San Francisco had targeted security officials at the agency. In addition, many other companies and local buyers have also filed complaints about the theft.

Police have acknowledged that the incident has escalated

At the same time the police further believe that the incidence of theft in the city is constantly increasing. Raj Vaswani, commander of the San Francisco Police Department, said thefts and robberies have increased in the recent past. He said a new trend of theft and violence has emerged. In most cases, habitual offenders who have committed such crimes.

Selling face theft in public

The high level of consciousness of the criminals in the city can be estimated by the fact that after the theft they sell the stolen items in front of the respective shops. For example, from November 2020 to February 2021, there were 16 thefts at Walgren stores in the 30th St. and Mission Center. The stolen items were found sold at an outdoor market a short distance away. Ahsha Safa, a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, responded: “It looks like the Walgreens have gone over half the sidewalk. I have never seen such a situation in the city.

This is why the shop is running

Locals, on the other hand, say Walgreens stores should not be closed. He also filed an appeal against the agency’s decision. According to experts, the Corona epidemic worsened the economic situation, with the number of homeless and drug addicts increasing, leading to an increase in thefts and robberies. Remarkably, all the countries of the world have faced economic crisis due to the corona epidemic. Economic activity has been severely hampered by corona prevention measures such as lockdowns


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