Bright stones found in South African village, hundreds digging for diamonds

Bright stones are found in a village in South Africa. People think of them as quartz crystals, which are very expensive.

Cape Town: Hundreds of people have now gathered in the village of Koahlathi in South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province. These people who dig the soil of this region day and night are looking for diamonds. In fact, after getting some shiny stones in this village, people are confident that they will all find diamonds here and their lives will change.

People think of stones as quartz crystals

After someone from this village found the stone, the whole village has been involved in digging since Saturday and hundreds of people have come from outside to show their support. These people believe that it is quartz crystal. Mendo Sabello, a father of two, also received a handful of stones. “I didn’t do very well,” he said. After getting this stone, I think our lives will change. My family is very happy with it.

At the same time, Shambujo Mabel, an unemployed man, has a similar view. He said, “I have never seen a diamond in my life. I saw and touched it for the first time here.

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The excavation department is investigating

The Department of Mines said Monday it was sending a team of geologists and mine experts to collect and test samples of the rock. A report on the matter will be issued later. But people are not bothered that these stones have not been investigated yet. Rather than the whole area young and old, children, women, all the people are busy digging the soil and looking for this stone in them, not only this, some people have started selling this stone for 100 stones (7. 7.29 or Rs. 500) to 300 rand (Rs. 1500). .

The government is concerned about the corona infection

South Africa’s economy has long been in trouble and unemployment has risen sharply. The coronavirus has made the situation worse. Thus, the government’s efforts to find diamonds through public gatherings have worried the government. The government fears it will not spread the coronavirus. So the government is urging the people to get out of here and the authorities to investigate.


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