How did the virus spread? Listening to Imam Sahib’s theory will make your head spin

Jerusalem: There are many scientific reasons for the spread of the coronavirus, but the Palestinian imam, Sheikh Issam Amira, has come up with a different theory. If you listen to the reasons for the spread of the virus, you will surely catch your head. Imam believes that the corona virus is spreading in various forms due to the misconduct of Muslim rulers in Israel.

The delta is called the Indian form

In a speech at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, Imam Sheikh Issam Amira said that Muslim rulers allow homosexuality and follow feminist organizations, so Corona is not allowed. Omicron is spreading in various forms around the world. At this time, Amira referred to the Kovid variant, first identified in India, as the Indian form of Delta.

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The media is called infidels

Video footage of Imam’s speech has been shared on social media. The video shows Amira standing among the people and targeting the Muslim rulers and the media. Calling the media infidels, he told the people that all Muslims should unite against those who caused the catastrophe. He added that the virus could not have spread if the government and the media had not informed the people about the virus.

Muslims must be united

Amira further said, why this hatred has spread? Delta, Omicron, didn’t our ancestors know these names? The reason is that immorality has never been so prevalent among people that they can tell everyone. So who spread all this? Ordinary people? No, it is the work of infidels and licensed media who are telling these things to everyone. Attacking Muslim rulers, he said, “It has spread because of our rulers who approve and promote homosexuality. It has spread because of our rulers who follow feminist organizations and talk about gender issues. These are the forerunners of the spread of all diseases, which were not present in our ancestors. The Palestinian imam said all Muslims needed to unite against the tyrannical rulers.


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