If you want to survive from Corona, you must do these 6 things, a small mistake can be heavy

New Delhi: Outbreaks of coronavirus are increasing worldwide, including in India, and the new version of the Covid-19 Omicron (Covid-19 Omicron variant) is rapidly catching on. People who prepare for New Year’s Eve celebrations are most at risk from the corona virus. Meanwhile, the UK government has issued a recommendation that the epidemic be avoided.

Protect yourself from corona by taking some simple steps

Due to the rapid spread of the Omicron variant, health workers have to work hard during the New Year celebrations. In that case, by taking a few simple steps, you too can avoid coronavirus and reduce the burden of health care. So let us tell you what steps you can take to prevent infection.

1. Wear a face mask when going out

Wearing a face mask reduces the chances of spreading coronavirus and it is most important to wear a mask before going public. You should always wear a face mask to avoid Kovid-19 infections.

2. Adhere to social distance

In addition to wearing a face mask, adhere to social distances and avoid crowded places unknowingly. Corona infections are likely to increase as crowds increase in the run-up to New Year’s celebrations, and be careful where you go to avoid them. If possible stay at home at this time.

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3. Wash your hands properly

To prevent corona virus, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water when coming from outside. If water is not available, keep your hands clean from time to time with alcohol sanitizer. In addition, do not touch the face, eyes and nose at all when going out.

4. Work from home if possible

The Mirror reports that no one likes to work on New Year’s Eve, but many have to work at this time. In this regard, the British government has advised the public that office workers who can work from home should do so.

5. Avoid sharing anything

The risk of contracting the corona virus is higher when you go out. In that case, to avoid epidemics, avoid sharing anything with each other.

6. If corona symptoms appear, stay in isolation

If you have symptoms of Covid-19 or your test is positive, stay home and consult a doctor. Even if you have taken both doses of the corona vaccine, get tested immediately if symptoms occur and stay self-isolated until the test report comes out. Colds, coughs, fevers, loss of taste or smell are common symptoms of corona virus.

7. Get vaccinated as soon as possible

The corona vaccine is considered the only weapon against the epidemic and if you are eligible for the vaccine, get vaccinated immediately. In addition, those who have taken the first dose of the vaccine should take the second dose in a timely manner, as the risk of death due to hospitalization or illness after receiving the vaccine is reduced.

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