In England, girls wearing short skirts were insulted at school, the principal had to apologize

At a school in England, 6 girls were insulted in front of 200 students because they wore short dresses. In this case, the principal has to apologize to all the girls.

England: The principal of a school in England publicly embarrassed his schoolgirl, John, for wearing a short skirt. Now the principal has to apologize for this. These girls were forced to parade in front of about 200 students. The principal believed that the skirts of these girls were too short and tight.

Other girls supported

What happened at Canuck Chase High School moved everyone. Many angry girls arrived at the school wearing similar skirts to show solidarity with these 6 girls.

According to the Daily Mail, the parents of the publicly humiliated girls have lodged a complaint. The matter is now under investigation. The principal also apologized to the girls.

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Feeling very embarrassed

Molly Stockley, one of these 6 girls, said, ‘I feel very embarrassed and that’s why I start shivering. My teacher said that our skirt is too short. Because of this I have felt very humiliated. Then I went back to my seat. Many were smiling at me.


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