In Germany, the horrific form of motherhood is revealed: 5 babies were first drugged, then drowned in a bathtub

Police say the accused mother gave Christian a cocktail of three different drugs mixed with her children’s food, then took them to the bathroom and dipped them in the bathtub. So that they have no chance of survival. The accused tried to save himself, but the police failed his tactic.

Berlin: People in Germany are worried about the killer mother. It is hard for them to believe that a mother who loves her children more than her life can kill them. In fact, 26-year-old Christian has been arrested for the tragic deaths of her five children. Police say Christian killed his five children, aged one to eight, by drowning them in a bathtub after first administering drugs.

Five out of six people were killed

According to The Sun, Christian, a resident of Salingen, carried out the incident after an argument with her ex-husband. He jumped in front of the train and tried to kill himself, but he survived. Christian has a total of six children, five of whom he died. Although this incident happened in September last year, people have not forgotten it yet. The accused mother was produced in court for the hearing of the case on Monday.

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The accused remained silent in court

By the time he appeared in the Uppertal District Court, Christian was completely silent. He did not answer any questions. Police say the accused mother gave her children three separate drug cocktails mixed with food, then took them to the bathroom and dipped them in the bathtub. So that they have no chance of survival. The Christian tried his best to save himself. He told police that a masked man who forcibly entered his home had committed the crime, but police found no such evidence.

The 11-year-old boy saw his mother’s cruelty

The investigation revealed that Christian was upset about her ex-husband’s relationship. For this reason he killed his children. The eleven-year-old Christian boy saw the whole incident with his own eyes, which he took with him after killing five children. The accused took his 11-year-old son on the train after the incident, police said. However, he left the baby on the train and got off somewhere in the middle. The frightened child went straight to his grandmother and told her the whole story. If convicted, he could face the death penalty.


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