Joe Biden called Vladimir Putin a “capable opponent” and said the two leaders would meet tomorrow.

The US president has warned that if Russia refuses to co-operate on issues such as cyber security, the US will respond. Biden says Putin is an influential and hardline leader

Brussels: US President Joe Biden has made a special statement about his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. In the statement, he praised Putin and called him his opponent. Biden described Putin as a skilled opponent at the NATO summit on Monday. A meeting between the two leaders is scheduled for Wednesday.

He said this about the meeting

Biden made no predictions about the success of the US-Russia NATO summit. When Biden was asked about the summit, what did he expect to gain from meeting with Putin? He simply said that he would discuss a number of issues, including areas where we could cooperate.

The U.S. president warned that the United States would respond if Russia refused to cooperate on issues such as cyber security. Biden says Putin is an influential and hardline leader, but he hopes the Russian president will be interested in changing the world’s view of himself.

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Britain is also very strict about Russia

Like the US president, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has taken a hard line on Russia. “I always hope things will get better,” he told the NATO summit. What I want to say to President Vladimir Putin is that we are ready to try to build a stronger relationship, but you have to change your behavior. He further added that for a peaceful order, Moscow must change, stop oppressing innocent people.


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